November 29, 2022

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Welcome back to pharmacology today on next segment is about a controversial drug court oxycodone commonly known as hillbilly heroin we all know about the misuse and abuse of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin but what about the abuse of drugs prescribed by doctors these drugs can be extremely addictive and dependence and addiction can be debilitating and potentially

Life-threatening let’s have a look oxycodone is an opioid used to relieve moderate to severe pain for after 12 hours with prescriptions increasing by one hundred and eighty percent over the past 10 years it is the seventh leading drug prescribed in general practice and the most commonly abused prescription drug on the market with the street name hillbilly heroin

Abusers commonly crushed the drug to be snorted or mixed in a solution for injection producing an intense euphoric effect over taking heroin as the primary injected street substance there has been more than 500 oxycodone related deaths since 2001 in a study conducted in 2013 eighty-six percent of subjects indicated that the use of the drug had become a problem and

Thirty one percent of users stated they have injected the substance well obviously cohen is quite a potent pain reliever but its precise mechanism of action they’re still unknown it is thought that the drug acts as a week agganis primarily at new type opioid receptors these receptors are coupled with g protein receptors and function is modulated or so nap tecton’s

Mission by g proteins that activate effector proteins binding on the opiate stimulates exchange of gtp for gdp on the g protein complex inhibiting via dental cyclase sister and resulting in decreased cyclic gmp subsequently me release of nos deceptive neurotransmitters such as substance p galva dopamine acetyl chlorine and noradrenaline is inhibited an analgesic

Effect is produced dr. lily not a practicing physician has prescribed oxycodone in the past and can shed some light on why oxycodone has become a drug of abuse well one is probably oxycodone is effective in controlling moderate to severe pain however it has become a heavily abused drug due to the euphoric of course there is easily accessible information online on

Especially formulating the tablets for intravenous injection which is hugely impacted its level of abuse as a result oxycodone has been classified by the pbs as a schedule aight drug of addiction making its prescription and supply heavily regulated well theft is incredibly common as is illegal distribution and sales street profit for a 40 milligram tablet can be

Up to forty dollars a tenfold increase from pharmaceutical sales well in recent years we have seen a substantial increase in abuse related deaths many of these can be linked to misuse of sustained release tablets as they contain up to three times the dose of plain tablets crashing injecting or combining these tablets with alcohol can cause respiratory depression

And death purdue pharma released a tap of free formulation in 2012 making crushing an iv injection difficult however later that year the patent expired giving way to generic manufacturer with generic medications being produced this has created similar issues of misuse the issue is ensuring medical professionals such as myself do not allow generic substitutions when

Prescribing brand name of sokoto well there are other drugs which can be used for pain management inclusive of epidural steroids try cyclic antidepressants and seeds and anticonvulsants just to name a few however all of the above are much more lethal when taken in overdose and generally only suitable for mild to moderate pain they aren’t appropriate for long-term

Use and some such as anticonvulsants can have serious side effects medicinal cannabis is a future option for pain relief but currently there are no appropriate and effective alternatives the sun shone valley center founded by annabelle wilfred in 2001 offers a rehabilitation program for those struggling with addiction too many drugs including oxycodone we have

Changed and oxycodone abuse due to tamper resistant arthur conan so the view tab was a structurally altered to prevent the crushing breaking freezing dissolving or heat alteration of the tablets so drugs such as rumaki and targon they reduce euphoric feelings which are attached to the use of oxycodone along with actually increasing the potential for unpleasant side

Effects so as you can imagine these are effective preventatives for addicts some interesting points raised there just this morning the minister for health suggested that the introduction of patient physician contracts could be effective in monitoring and curbing drug misuse and abuse so what do you think at home should penalties be greater for those core dealing

And using little actions like id checking and pharmacies can go a long way to what is evident is that a comprehensive strategy is needed to combat combat oxycodone abuse have your say by tweeting us at parma ecology today and by this being our facebook page that’s all for now thanks for watching i’m eliza cox and we’ll see you next time and don’t forget kids don’t do drugs you

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