February 8, 2023

Lacey is a young mother whose back pain was so debilitating that her own mother had to help take care of her. But after she got a healing touch from the realm of heaven she can throw her prescriptions away!

Okay you tell us tell us your name lacey what happened lee see what was up with your back um this part in the lower part was in a whole lot had a curve and it also twisted to the right side your spine had a very big s going inward yeah and with a twist okay well who is your chiropractor your doctor little team i go to a chiropractor no i mean who here girl okay

So did you feel something tonight no did you have pain yes okay when i came here people probably saw me i couldn’t get up and out of the chair i would stand up really slow and walk really so that’s how much pain you wrought that you couldn’t even walk or get up or stand up or anything what was your level pain one to ten mm probably a 787 right how long have you

Lived with your spine like that oh years 20 years 20 years were you born with it or we did it come from an accidents and a car accident okay so what’s your pain now in this area right here i don’t have any pain no pain this have muscle pain around here it just feels like muscle pain like muscle tightness it’s probably cuz you haven’t been stretching or working

Out yeah okay so uh okay now i want you to have pam’s gonna check ya here okay go ahead girl you want to bend over or you wanna have been over what do you want her to do you don’t pander to me at the mics cuz i don’t like that thing i like it come over here so it doesn’t do ring just doesn’t ring well it’s too bad pam you’re gonna have to deal with it girl you

Know god is so awesome he just is remember this girl know what you’re saying it’s so awesome could you remember how much her back was twisted yeah can you tell the difference yes this is the big dip that angels like you guys do but man you can sure you guys you see these backs you know they’ve been wow what do you how does it feel like now it feels good it feels

Good to me how’s it feel to do that before without a lot of pain so you couldn’t do that before pain is yes do it again i thought i would have to come in a wheelchair this morning you were so my car like it gets that bad it was with you who’s here with you come quickly give her a big hand my mom comes up well yeah you actually have a wheelchair in your car right

Now mm-hmm you take it with you wherever you go yeah cuz i don’t know if i do quite a bit my body will start to just shut down and and i can’t move wow so you take it just in case you just can’t function anymore yeah and you actually thought you might have to end up coming into this meeting in the chair yes but i woke up this morning i was in a nine i was in so

Much pain i know it was so bad and i couldn’t hardly move and i took it to the court of grace never done before i’ve been to the courts of heaven and done stuff but took it to the courts of grace and it came down to a five so right away from what you learned last night about the courts of grace you went up there for the first time ever and your first try on your

Own it went from a nine to five yes i haven’t even had a pain pill today you haven’t even had a pain pill and i’ve been living on two a day plus another medication i’m on how well i’ve been living on three a day for like three years and then i got off one of them and just believing god that i’m gonna get better but on this conference i was taken to oxycodone a day

And to lyrica day and you were taking to oxys i know my dope so i understand that in fact if i was still my always i go out here car and find them and steal them and sell them but anyway okay so you are two oxys and two lurkers and you still had a nine pain yeah wow and i’d been on termidor tramadol oxy and erica and i would still would get up to an eight or nine

If i did very much it was just bad no mom you’ve watched this happen what’s your name karen karen how long your daughter said 20 years is that about it yeah it’s been what what have you seen her go through terrible pain just awful and i can’t i go over every morning and help her take care of her because she hardly gets out of bed and unless she’s taken enough

Pain pills so you actually go to her house every bless you mom i’m thankful i think i’ll release a special blessing to you right now because of your faithfulness to serve your daughter all these years father give carol it’s carol right karen give karen everything she’s desiring for lord for her sacrifice to serve her daughter all these years just bless her house

Bless her body bless her finances increase her in every way possible lord we thank you god what you’re doing for her in jesus name so every day you went over because she was compared ly get out of bed and you had to help her two babies and she’s got two babies so you were there to help her and the children yes how does this feel to see her have you ever seen her

Touch her toes like no no have you ever seen her move around like this no no i can i was like praising god now let’s see let’s see you do it now how does that feel i also had to change out of my skirt because i was in the bathroom sandy yeah well this is gonna go and i came out and i walked across the hotel room and it dropped off is that from this morning that

From this morning yeah you lost weight and tony sing you got your spine straightened out and all you’re paying on in this one come on can we give jesus jesus jesus he’s like so proud of you

Transcribed from video
Oxycodone for back pain? No more! Lacey is HEALED! By Katie Souza