December 8, 2022

umm so science project on Oxycodone and its effects on the nervous system and body. sorry for the crappy video and audio. Hope you enjoy 🙂

This is an oxymoron production did you know that in 2010 the number of prescription drug overdose deaths in the united states was higher than the combined total of overdose deaths due to heroin cocaine and marijuana overall during that year a total of 38,000 329 people in the u.s. died as a result of drug overdose twenty-two thousand one hundred and thirty-four of

Which resulted from prescription drugs prescription drugs like xanax ativan codeine and oxycodone are some of the most common prescription drugs linked to fatal overdoses oxycodone is simply a name given to drugs that release oxytocin a sort of happy hormone for pain relief oxycodone is opioid pain medication this means that it is made from natural products found

In the opium poppy plant since the drug is sold to consumers in pharmacies it was rigorously tested the list of side effects is very detailed unlike that of some illegal drugs whose effects on the body are still unknown being a pain medication oxycodone is used to treat moderate to severe pain it causes the release of a hormone called oxytocin which studies have

Shown is released during sexual intercourse and at childbirth it is known for being a maternal hormone because it is released during breastfeeding and when a mother bonds with her baby and also as a love hormone since oxytocin is one of the chemicals released when couples connect it is easy to see how this makes the drug very attractive to many users oxycodone

Also works by stimulating certain opioid receptors located throughout the central nervous system when the oxycodone attaches to the opioid receptors chemicals including dopamine are released these chemicals block the pain messages from the nerves to the brain which result in pain relief this means that the nerves that would normally inform the body of ow that

Hurts are numbed or ignored while using oxycodone users are in sort of euphoric state caused by the release of dopamine and they become very relaxed and calm many describe the feeling as floating oxycodone especially when mixed with other compounds such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can bring about a sloop often dangerous or even deadly side effects those side

Effects can easily go unnoticed because of the potent pain killing powers of the pills since oxycodone works by slowing down the respiratory system and the central nervous system many users experience respiratory depression slowed breathing or even respiratory arrest from taking it for a long period of time or from overdose these side effects result in most deaths

Related to the substance many patients who overdose are found with blue faces because of their lack of oxygen elderly patients are at very high risk particularly in cases of high dosage respiratory depression causes severe drowsiness or dizziness and feeling weak other common side effects caused by oxycodone are seizures cold clammy skin confusion dry mouth sweating

Itching the dilation of pupils lower body temperature 26% of users become constipated because oxycodone can be used to relieve diarrhea meaning it makes bowel movements more difficult 14% vomit and 20% experience nausea the drug causes an increase in hepatic enzymes the enzymes in the liver which can cause jaundice and fatal hepatitis oxycodone can also cause major

Hypotension low blood pressure oxycodone causes psychiatric effects including psychosis hallucinations and paranoia one woman reported her husband seeing bobcats raccoons and airplanes inside his own room and threatened to divorce him if he didn’t do anything about it oxycodone is a very addictive drug because it provides relief from pain in feelings of euphoria the

United states department of justice found that more than 13 million people in the u.s. abused oxycodone or use the drug for recreational purposes the drug enforcement administration has noted that around 1.9 million americans have taken oxycodone illegally some users are so addicted that they refuse to get off the drug despite bad reactions here is a graph showing

The addictive levels of drugs the red bars represent illegal drugs and the blue bars represent legal drugs as you can see oxycodone is almost at 100% addictiveness most oxycodone addicts start out as legitimate users who are prescribed the drug by a doctor to relieve severe pain over time they become addicted to the effect and continue using it for recreational

Purposes rather than for medical reasons individuals who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction are more likely to become addicted to oxycodone some oxycodone users are also just people who want to get high very quickly and easily oxycodone is fairly in expect inexpensive available and legal it also gives an immediate high after being injected or

Absorbed by the body as mentioned before anyone kind of get addicted quite easily to oxycodone usually addiction leads to long term use of the drug long term use of oxycodone can lead to high level of drug tolerance physical and psychological dependence in respiratory distress an overdose of oxycodone can cause the respiratory system to shut down which causes you

To die from asphyxiation oxycodone isn’t a drug that users can stop taking easily users need to go through a withdrawal period of about two to three weeks often under the supervision of a doctor or detoxification center symptoms that accompany withdrawal include nausea and vomiting and psychological symptoms such as increased anxiety and agitation addicts can do

Desperate things to get there hi doctor shopping is faking pain or illness to multiple doctors in order to receive oxycodone prescriptions in huge quantities thousands of pills can be secured within a very short timeframe which is useful for both addicts and dealers lots of doctors actually enable their patients because they gain a large profit for drug sales the

Problem with doctor shopping is that it can leave a trail users sometimes prefer to buy from a dealer which is completely anonymous most need to pill at least once every 4 to 6 hours in order to not feel the effects of withdrawal so some people’s addictions could cost them up to $400 a day this leads to thievery and forging checks addicts often stealing from within

Their own families funbags here’s a graph representing the global consumption of oxycodone in tonnes per year as you can see in 2010 the consumption of oxycodone is almost at 100 tons oxycodone has many slang or street names you may hear referred to as any of the following perco domes perks oxy o sees oxycottons blue 512 roxy’s blue dynamite hillbilly heroin kicker

Or os there are a few methods of consumption for oxycodone depending on how quickly you want the drug to hit your system a pill take it orally whether it is fast or slow release will be absorbed gradually those slow release can take up to three hours to reach its peak crushed pills when snorted will give a high almost immediately and will have a stronger effect

When an oxycodone tablet is ground down mixed with water and injected it immediately rushes into the bloodstream for the most powerful high

Transcribed from video
Oxycodone project By Sam Clark