January 26, 2023

Mercy me wished I could have a day without pain. However still kicking strong LOL

Hello my name is bob and i like talk a little bit today about pain management a while back i was diagnosed with some lower back issues and i was tolerable i was young i was still able to maintain have a little sciatica problems here and there however in the last several years and i’m currently 59 years old it has escalated into osteoarthritis now everybody tells

Me to go to a chiropractor well keep in mind guys if i had ac scan done x-rays and mris they have pretty bad bone spurs along my cervical and i’ll sit down in my lumbar area i’m getting some weakness in both legs at times it’s i get very stiff it’s hard for me to walk or stand and my job unfortunately i have to stand for six hours luckily it’s not six or four days

45 days a week at eight hours it’s a six-hour part-time shift however you know sometimes wish i could work a 40-hour week but a bit it’s just way too much all body now i’ve been to a variety of different doctors right now i’m on the evil drug flexeril i hate it um it’s this um a cyclobenzaprine now believe it or not only only have 5 milligram tablets i take one of

These tablets it knocks me out of wake up with a rendus hangover and kind of spacey and i sort have to sit around my computer in the morning wood coffee and be done now and it’s driving me insane guys um there’s not a whole lot of pain medication that really works that well with me chiropractic i’ve gone to several chiropractors a one that actually went through

His treatment program and it was kind of like a mask it helped a little bit but it came back and i just got tired of going over there you know i could go to massage therapists and get the same thing done it all just masked out paint takes care of shortly but those spurs start getting in there and hitting that nerve when i move and it just causes all problems down

Both sides down to my legs my elbows from my back my joint it gets to be a lot of fun so i just thought i would spread that out there because a lot of people when i posted this a while back those are old videos i’ve deleted but they always say well hope you don’t see a car broker have you tried vinegar and honey and that are going to honey’s not going to get rid

Of bone spurs i can tell you that right now to help and inflammation however so anyway i thought i bring that up to a short little video just take a little bit of valid on my pain management problem i can’t take any narcotics they just make me dizzy sick nauseous so i’ll just do with the pain alrighty guys well thanks a lot and have a great day and don’t forget to

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Transcribed from video
Pain Management and frustration By robert crosier