June 1, 2023

Marvin highlights key paracetamol and ibuprofen doses which usually come up in the preregistration exam and techniques on how to learn them. Also some exam style questions at the end

Hello and welcome to private shopkins this is marvin the managing director and clinical tutor of freeway shortcuts today i’m quite excited because i’m going to go through a key area that comes up in almost every gps exam and it’s knowing your paracetamol and ibuprofen doses in children so in almost every exam you will get a question on this so please you need to

Learn this doses not only for your exams but also as a practicing pharmacist because you get a lot of questions from parents asking um to buy either ibuprofen or paracetamol and they need to know what those is to give the children so here are a few general principles that you need to learn um you do not give paracetamol to babies over the counter that are less

Than two months so it’s only licensed from two months plus that’s when you can sell them over the counter if the child is less than two months then they need a prescription so you’ve got two types you’ve got the infant syrup which is normally for children that had less than six years old so it’s important that you know that those in an infant syrup and also

You know what the dose of paracetamol is in a six plus syrup so in an infant syrup in five mil dose paracetamol it’s a hundred and twenty milligrams so 120 milligrams in a five mil dose in infant syrup while in your six plus syrup it’s 250 milligrams of parsley tomorrow why is this important because you’re going to find out later on it’s important in terms

Of converting to milligrams or you could either have the dose in milligrams or you could have the dose in milliliters um another thing you need to know is the maximum number of doses of power see them all for temperature is four doses in 24 hours okay so maximum four doses in 24 hours you’ve got the two types you’ve got the infant sieve up for cow polo parsley

Tomorrow for less than six years old 120 milligrams of paracetamol in a five mil dose while for your six plus it is 250 milligrams in five mil dose now just to make this so easy is i think the best way to learn your doses you can either learn these doses using the bnf which i find a lot complicated because you have more ages more doses in the bnf and it’s very

Black and white or an easier way or quicker way is to learn from the bottles in your pharmacy so the way i do it is you learn the doses at the back of a carpool bottle or the back of a new friend bottle in the pharmacy so let me show you what i mean so um that’s a picture for you so i’ve got carpool which is um less than um six years old and then carpool which

Is six plus so um the reason why i prefer this method is because you have fewer ages and i’m gonna show you that now and then i’m gonna compare this to what you have in your bnf so the back of on the carport bottle three to six months is 2.5 mils maximum four times a day um four times in 24 hours if the child is between six months to 24 months then it’s five

Mils then seven point five mils then ten mils so it’s very important it’s so easy to memorize you just have one two three four and um most of the time the exam you will get questions um on one of these so um just look at the back of the bnf um you need to absorb the back of your carport bottle learn those doses with the ages and this is in milliliters and then

You could use this knowing the conversion that we spoke about you can then convert this to milligrams so if you might get a question in the exam in milligrams or you might get a question in milliliters so for your six plus remember it’s 250 in five mils and six plus um it’s easy because you just have three ages you’ve got six to eight which is five mils eight

To ten seven point five mils and ten to twelve ten mils so on the top one which is your children um less than um less than six years you can see under 2.5 mils for three to six months but then you have five meals seven point five mils ten mils which is exactly the same in terms of meals like the six plus which is five mils seven point five mils and ten mils so

Learn the back look at the back of a carpool bottle and please learn these doses so why is this better the reason why it’s better i find it easier is because i’m going to show you what um the dose how the doses appear in your bnf so this is a picture so um these are your paracetamol doses and your bnf first of all you have more so a child one to two months three

To five months six to 23 months two to three years so that looks a lot complex and also it’s given in milligrams it’s given in milligrams rather than meals but um you can do that conversion with what i showed you earlier so you could definitely you could learn both it’s important to learn both but i just think this is a lot easier and if at least you learn the

Back of these bottles most of the time the exam questions which i’m going to show you later will come from here so um that’s on for policy tomorrow let’s look at ibuprofen the same thing so um this picture that i have here is um from the spc from your friend spc so again you can see this number of ages a bit similar to the bnf and you have your doses with this

It’s normally taken three times a day in 24 hours right so for your power see tomorrow is a maximum of four doses in 24 hours like we mentioned on here while for ibuprofen you can see on there it’s um taken three times a day in 24 hours so the same principle um the bnf is a lot complicated but um if the simplest way to do this is to get a new friend bottle in

Your pharmacy look at the back of that bottle look at the ages and look at the doses learn those doses so here’s a picture for you so um three months and over 2.5 mil dose um for fever caused by immunization um fever pain cold and flu which is the most common one when parents come to your pharmacy three to six months you give them 2.5 meals three times a day

Six to 12 months 2.5 meals three or four times a day and then one to three years is five meals three times a day four to six years seven point five months three times a day in 24 hours so especially the last three um one to three years four to six years seven to nine years you normally do get questions and examine these so please um while you’re in the pharmacy

Whilst you’re working take a carpool bottle take a new phone battle and just memorize this stuff so this example of how it appears in your bnf again more complicated boring black and white it’s given in milligrams and there are a lot more ages so start off with your bottle in the pharmacy learn that and then you can move on to or memorize all of this in the bnf if

You want if you have to or if you want to so um that’s really it very quick video for you so let’s look at an exam style question all right so here’s all questions you can get an exam so a mom visits your pharmacy with a three-year-old son who has had a temperature since coming back from nursery she buys some carpool from your pharmacy and asks what those should

She give the three-year-old son what is the most appropriate dose to administer every six hours so um what do you guys think this is so again if you look at the back of the carport bottle if you look into your bnf it is 180 milligrams okay so 180 milligrams is what you give to a three-year-old child with carpools if i go back and i can show you on here you can

See um two to four years at the top it’s um 7.5 mils which is equivalent to your 180 milligrams so that’s the first question second question we’re going to look at another example if that’s given in males so the first one was given in milligrams or you could get questions in mills so mr smith calls your pharmacy for some advice he wants to give his four-year-old

Son some ibuprofen but he’s not sure what those is best for this age what is the most appropriate dose of ibuprofen for his four-year-old son so what do you think the answer is the answer to this is the bottom one the 7.5 mils three times a day a says four times a day but it’s not four times a day for that age it is three times a day so the answer is e is 7.5

Meals three times a day so um that’s exactly what you need to learn very important always comes up in the exam learn your doses your parsley tomorrow doses your ibuprofen doses not only for your exam but also as an effective pharmacist so thank you so much for watching this video once again if you found this video useful please give the video a like give it a

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Pass your exam so thank you so much and i look forward to seeing you in the next video all the best in your revision this is marvin from previous shortcuts bye

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Paracetamol & Ibuprofen doses in children [ GPHC Exam revision, preregistration exam] By PREREG SHORTCUTS