March 28, 2023

My journey to be free of Antidepressants after 22 years

Hi everybody i posted a a video this morning um this is just about um me just posting some videos um apparently talking so even talking to yourself i suppose on a video supposed to open it um i don’t know what day it is i think it’s day seven or something since i’ve reduced down at 75 from 300 in i think three weeks i just shot i can’t remember be honest with

You um i explained that the zapping got worse and then evening so it’s evening now and the zapping is has started um it’s been happening all day really i can get like multiple ones at a time it’s like like um like electric shocks and yeah but over and over again it’s like your eyes roll back um i went out this afternoon um because i had to put my two children

Up that’s the thing you see life doesn’t stop does it um i had to put my two children up and i had a really bad incident we were older age and i acted in a way that were um hostile um a lot of anger and i’m actually really ashamed to miss out because there were one young child in car um and she she started to cry and i like a wild animal i’ve cried all way home

And anyway you know um that’s how i feel hostile at the minute i don’t want anybody around me i’m not an easy person to be around a minute i’m just wondering how i’ve just been sat here wondering i just started saying how if people have gone through this how do you handle it work-wise what have you done work-wise has anybody lost the job um i phoned in sick

For only two days out of all this and it’s just been these past two days um because i found it difficult with the heads-ups on the morning driving and lethargy and crying spells uncontrollable crying to be honest i’m not i feel like i’m not in control of my own emotions um crying at everything you know i mean i’ve been praying crying in front of my kids as

Well which i hate um but i have been honest with them about what’s going on they’re old enough now and i believe in honesty um so they know what’s going on and stuff like that so i just wondered how people got through it will work and what have you um like i say my name’s emma and i’m i’m doing a venla vaccine withdrawal after um 13 about 13 plus years on female

Vaccine and all in all um 22 years of antidepressants um it’s time to get my mind back but i just want to share our feeling this evening which is sick um tired um i don’t know like i’m not in my body isn’t it sometimes just completely flat it’s weird feeling um and we pay week as well for not going to work um lonely because i just want to stay in um yeah

It’s just this it’s a crappy evening i am going to attempt to go to work tomorrow um and see how that goes but i just want to share with you what’s going to happen in these next few weeks and how i’m going to feel i am determined to get off this drug i really am it’s not it’s it’s been such a battle for such a long time and i’m determined to get off of it i can’t i

Can’t go back on it because i can’t handle these um how i’m feeling or maybe i’m not feeling i don’t know um just to hear from anybody out there how are you handled things how did how did work go how did you handle fun and your parents when you don’t want to speak to anybody your relationship and there’s been a few incidents recently with my relationship where my

Anger’s got better with me um and i’ll be honest i’ve been um i’ve landed out physically um i just wonder how i just want to know that i’m not alone i i did go on a facebook group and um i put something about my pregnancy and one of the moderators messaged me and and she said something that i thought were disgusting and out of line and i told her saw um and we

Got into it a little bit now i think for a moderator who is who is an admin on on a group i should have a bit of empathy and understanding or at least being there herself um and from what she was saying to me she hadn’t been um she were rude she were downright nasty actually um and i said that i was gonna try and report her for how she was been um and she ended

Up blocking me from the group um which i think is disgusting in itself as well because um that were going to be some help for me but i can’t access it now because she didn’t like what i was saying uh one person um she should have messaged me privately and said what she said about unborn children let’s just put it that way um i thought that a public message what

She said were um it frightened the hell out of me and i told her so that she’d she she’d um she’d gone about it the wrong way and obviously didn’t like it and block me which it’s terrible if you if you ask me um you know uh anyway so i feel a little bit on my own at a minute um because i can’t access any i don’t know any other online supporter i’m getting in

Touch with my doctors like getting into fart knocks um getting past receptionists as well sort of doctors receptionists out there some of you are tough to get past um i want to say good night and good blessing if anybody is going through this uh you’re not alone and um i wish you all looking world and um you should go through it and yeah this isn’t gonna last

Forever um i’ve got through a withdrawal from opiates before and i can get through this i think if i can get through this i can get through anything but um i would say these past few days give me an update withdrawal and a day uh i don’t like not feeling in control of my own brain uh it’s a bizarre feeling but um good night and god bless and if anybody’s

Struggling and i um just have a bit of a that’s what i’m looking for but good night

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