March 22, 2023

Uh hi everybody it’s um emma again um i’m doing i’ve done a reduction from 300 venlafaxine to 75 um in about three weeks and this is about the seventh day of reducing to 75 which i found the most difficult uh drop um but today i went back to work and i woke up this morning without having difficulty opening my eyes um there’s like this side effect that i’ve had

Like like it’s like a tired eye feeling like your eyes just look exhausted no matter how much sleep you’ve had um and like really difficult to keep them open um severe tiredness um this morning the ed zaps although frequent weren’t the one as sometimes they can be one after over after over after over after over but they were there but they weren’t as frequent

And i felt able to drive um i am my appetite’s not as good i’m also 20 weeks pregnant as well um but anyway i just wanted to say that i wanted to just tell people that that drop um i’ve been on this medication for 14 years but that this drop has been most difficult but it’s took approximately seven days to feel something like normal so and i’m proud of myself

Because i’ve hung on um because the tablets are in my box over there i’ve got a medication box over there and all the um all the tablets are ready and waiting for me to take if i want to um i’ve even got some quite a lot of my engineering left to be honest and there’s a full full packet there um and when you feel how i’ve been feeling the temptation just

To think you know what i give up i want to feel normal um the temptation second writing corner and um i’m so proud of myself because i’ve got through and i feel absolutely fantastic that i’ve got through i don’t feel great today no i’m not gonna lie do you know i mean i don’t feel great i am exhausted now um i do an 8 hour day but um but i’m getting through

When i know things are going to get better until the next drop but we’ll we’ll we’ll um you can only think about today because that’s all we’ve got um i can’t look into the future and worry about that because it’s it’s fruitless i might get squished by a busy morning you never know do you um so yeah i also spoke to my boss today and i just wanted to say i know

Some people might be afraid of telling other people and you know there is a lot of stigma but i spoke to my boss today the owner of the company a millionaire um really humble man from um humble beginnings and um worked their work their asses off to get where they are um and it was nothing nothing nothing but supportive and um it meant absolutely everything um

It really did i were able to talk and like i say it’s not been an easy ride today and but i feel better and i know that things will get better and i’ll it’ll start to even out and then i’m ready for my next drop in about three weeks which i’ll go down to 37.5 i think um and when that time comes we’ll tackle that at the time it comes but for now for today in this

Very moment i feel okay do you know what i mean um better than yesterday so if you ask me um that’s a winner so i just i want to give people a bit of up in getting off this medication because it’s not an option for me to go back on it um the time is now i’m 41 years old i’m having another baby and um i don’t want anything i’d rather go through withdraw myself

Than put anybody else through it um so i just wanted to say anybody else going through this um i hope you’re okay and if you want to reach out to me please do so thank you good night and god bless um i’ll probably post another video um i don’t know it might be when i do my next drop or it might be if anything’s changed over the next few days or whatever um but

This is just uh this is for me and this is this is for everybody else um who feels like they’ve been a a slave to antidepressants um the cause is a cure um so it cures the cause so anyway good night god bless bye

Transcribed from video
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