March 28, 2023

Exoman’s son had a blood test and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The doctor told him that he needed to be put on the thyroid stimulating drug, Synthroid. He rejected the meds and tried the natural or holistic approach of diet with lots of good vegetables (especially the green leafy kind) and exercise. Several months later his thyroid levels which were way too are now normal.

Everyone it’s exo man and today i’m a very happy man why because my son right there just reported to me that his thyroid levels are normal now why is that important well one is because he went to the doctor and the doctor did a blood test and he found that his thyroid levels were low so he had basically fallen into the hypothyroidism is that right walker yes category

And the doctor right away wanted to put him on this medication called synthroid so my son who is cautious about prescription prescription medication but probably because he grew up in a household where we tried to avoid it as much as possible let’s face it we all everybody not everybody but a lot of people need prescription medication but you know we don’t want to

Take it unless it’s absolutely necessary now he did some research and what did you find when you research synthroid well i found loads of people saying that it’s horrible synthroid and you can make your hair fall out it can make you sick and well i mean remember there’s a lot of people that have to take it so we got to be we to be careful yeah if you have to take

It it’s it’s it’s good right i mean it’s can be but there’s a natural animal hormone that you can take instead but they but once you start taking synthroid you have to take it right if they take it for years a few years you have to take it for the rest of your life basically makes your thyroid lazy and stop producing the thyroid hormone yeah and so yeah eventually

After like five years have to keep taking it for the rest of your life so what what it what what do you think changed your thyroid levels good habits healthy eating working out okay you started eating a lot of leafy green vegetables a lot less much sugar meat not much sugar yeah you were you were you were indulging in the sugar now and then you’re eating junk food

When you were on the job right cuz you would good yeah jenna that was the hardest part he was working as an electrician and he was good at junk food restaurants but now he’s doing a lot of a lot more he’s a lot more active and he’s eating better and he’s helped his own drive away without medication holistically yep and what are you inspired to do now just tell me

You hired to be a holistic doctor yeah the key people yeah keep people from wrecking their bodies with prescriptions when they don’t need those strong medications falling pray amen well i am i am a happy papa and i just wanted to share that with you all and we could all stand to learn a little bit about holistic healing thanks for watching everyone

Transcribed from video
Patient says no to Synthroid, heals hypothyroidism naturally, holistically. By exoman