June 1, 2023

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Good morning i wanted to have a little chit chat i just woke up and i’m having my coffee so my voice is still waking up that’s why i just wanted to give a pcos hormones update have a little chat i know that a lot of my subscribers don’t watch these types of videos but i find that new people will come across these videos just from like searching so just in case you

Are new here hello my name is melissa i make lifestyle content here on youtube i do have a full playlist on with all my videos about pc us and hormones i’ll link that up here just in case you want to know more about like my journey my experience with it everything that i’ve tried um more about my symptoms all of that i do like to take a holistic approach wherever i

Can one of my most frustrating symptoms has been hormonal acne and i’ve tried almost everything under the sun to try to get rid of it so i’m not looking for recommendations please and thank you i have found certain things to help for a bit but nothing long term or anything that’s made like a huge difference the thing with my skin i’ll go through like my skin will

Break out pretty bad and that’ll clear up and it’ll be okay for a while and then i’ll break out again so it’s also hard to know when things are working because my skin just no barking please look at her there’s people in the hallway she’s trying to guard the house just relax so my skin just has a cycle of its own so it’s hard to know when things are working or

Not but recently i decided to try spironolactone it’s actually a blood pressure medication but it’s pretty commonly used as acne medication now in females because it blocks excess androgens which can cause acne and excess hair like body hair which is also another thing that i’ve experienced um which i’ll talk a little bit more about in a second but i did a bunch

Of research on it beforehand i watched a lot of videos read up on different people’s experiences and it seemed like most people had a pretty positive experience minimal side effects and pretty effective so i was excited to try it i’ve been taking it now for just over two months i think it’s been seven weeks i believe and i have mixed feelings i have a few things

To say i started off taking 25 milligrams i was on that for a week and then i went back to the doctor and asked if i could get bumped up to 50 because i had never heard of anyone taking just 25. most people take between 50 and 200. i think it’s milligrams mgs a day so i started taking 50 and i have been on that for six weeks five six weeks and i’ll show you guys

A video of my skin right when i or like right before right when i started taking it this is a pretty bad breakout for me my skin doesn’t normally look like this this happens like every once in a while obviously my skin looks a lot better but it’s still not fully clear i also don’t know if this improvement has anything to do with the medication because like i

Said my skin just has a cycle of its own so it’s hard to say i do feel like at this point like most people said it took them a couple weeks to notice a difference some people said it took up to three months so like a part of me wants to stick it out but i have noticed a couple side effects so one of the main things they tell you to look out for is lightheadedness

Because medication does mess with your it’s a diuretic so it can mess with your what’s the word i’m looking for your electrolyte balance i didn’t notice any lightheadedness for like the first month i only started noticing it maybe in like the past week or two but sometimes when i stand up i feel really light-headed and dizzy and so i think that’s probably from

The medication because it’s one of the like main symptoms that or side effects that some people experience it only happens like once or twice a day it’s not anything in like super intense but it is something that i noticed the second thing that i’ve noticed which i was fully unaware of and i’m not 100 sure it’s related to the medication but like i’m pretty sure

I have noticed that i have way more noticeable cellulite on my legs like my upper thighs my butt like the common areas cellulite is completely normal there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s not something that i am used to having and it just happened all of a sudden obviously if i could choose to have it or not i would not want to have it i think it probably has

Something to do with excess estrogen now because estrogen can cause you to have like more weight in like your hips and your thighs and cellulite and everything cellulite is also pretty strongly linked to hormones i think that’s like one of the main reasons why you can get it is like switching hormones which is what i’ve done by taking this pill um and so now uh

So i had no idea that this could be a side effect um but the other day i looked up spironolactone and cellulite i found a bunch of reddit threads i feel like that’s where you find everything i found several people were talking about how they experienced the same thing it just happened really like very suddenly um some people noticed it like a few weeks in which

Is like what i experienced some people said they had sudden weight gain like three months eight months in um and they said they couldn’t get rid of it after so now i’m just like freaking out and i don’t really want to keep taking it because i think what if i suddenly gain a bunch of weight and accumulate more cellulite and then i can’t get rid of it it’s just like

It never ends like the frustration i feel like i just can’t catch a break with this it’s so frustrating like i feel like i’m out here trying everything and nothing is working for me i’ve decided that today i’m gonna go back down to 25 and i’m gonna finish my bottle but i don’t think i’m gonna continue taking it just because i’m too scared about those side effects

Continuing and getting worse i was expecting my skin to look better at this point as well i don’t know but also i was hoping to notice a difference with body hair as well because that is something that people take spironolactone for a lot of women will get like excess facial hair you can get it on your abdomen your chest i’ve been doing laser for the past year

I also did electrolysis for a short period of time um so i used to get like a treasure trail electrolysis works so well and it completely it permanently gets rid of the hair lasers not actually permanent but it hurt so bad it was torture the most painful thing i’ve ever done and super expensive more expensive than laser and there’s a lot of downtime potential for

Scarring like it took like a year for my skin to get rid of like these like red dots everywhere so i didn’t finish with that but very effective but yeah i’ve been doing laser now for a year on like the bottom half of my body and again just like very mixed results laser is also super expensive i’ve spent thousands of dollars this past year and it has been a game

Changer in a sense my hair grows back a lot thinner and slower it’s really helped out my skin because i have really thin skin and coarse hair which is the worst combination anytime i shave i would get razor burn razor bumps ingrown hairs and then i would get scarring there’s like this whole thing it used to be so bad so it has really helped with my skin but the

Amount of hair has not changed i don’t know i think i’ve done somewhere between six and eight sessions like at this point i should have a lot less hair and it’s fully here that is another thing where i don’t want to stop doing the laser sessions because i think some people require like 10 to 12 before you see full results and then you do just like touch-ups

Every year but like where i’m at now i feel like i need to go every two months still the hair will go away for a little bit and then as it’s getting closer to the like two month mark where i need to go back in for another session like all of my hair’s back and i feel like that’s not how it should be that could also be a hormonal thing too so i was hoping that

This medication would help with that but i think you have to be on the medication for a lot longer before you notice results with body hair um but i just don’t know i’m like do i stick it out the pros and the cons they’re like sitting here for me um oh my god so that’s where i’m at right now to be honest i’m feeling pretty disheartened i was really hoping

That this medication would work well for me um i feel like every time i try something new it’s like light at the end of the tunnel and then the light goes away so it’s kind of back to the drawing board i’m gonna make a new plan like i am so determined to find something that works for me and i feel like all the girls that i know that also have pcos are the same

Way it’s like we’re just like constantly trying everything we can to like figure out what would work and it’s tough because there’s not one thing that’s gonna work for everyone spironolactone might work really well for you i don’t want to say like don’t try it but just for me not the best but yeah besides that i’m not really taking any supplements currently i

Think i’m going to start back up i just didn’t really want to be taking supplements along with the medication i didn’t know if there was any like interactions um there’s a couple things that you can’t take on it but i think i’m going to create a new herbal routine and try that again another one of my main symptoms is lack of period i talk about this all the time

I actually got my period like pretty quickly after starting spironolactone so i thought that it would maybe regulate my cycle as well actually let me see okay i’m on day 30 now so like if i was actually gonna be regular i should be getting it any day but my i have like a 60 day cycle right now which honestly is a lot better than what it used to be like every

Second month versus like twice a year anyways i don’t know if that actually i don’t know if this verona lactone actually had anything to do with that but possibly but yeah gonna go back down to 25 milligrams today probably start incorporating herbs herbs i don’t like saying herb it sounds weird to me but when i say herb people get mad i just say hurt um but

Yeah i think i’m gonna start back on herbs because i have found some that work well for me and one thing that i do i’ll take it and then once i get my period and the bottle’s done i stop taking it so maybe i just need to be more consistent with that but yeah i haven’t really found anything that like helps with my skin internally so much let me know if you guys

Have any questions uh definitely check out the other videos in my playlist because i might cover them there if you’ve watched all those and you still have questions you can comment down below and that’s just the little update for today um i’ll see you guys next monday until then have a great week wanna say bye tika say bye bye

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