May 29, 2023

My first week on metformin, how did it go?

Guys welcome back to my channel today i’m doing an update on my pcos and the medication that i’m currently taking i was diagnosed with pcos about two and a half weeks ago and i started taking metformin as a form of treatment for my pcos and i wanted to give you my first week update i have been taking the medication for one full week i’m actually have started my

Second week with an increased dosage yesterday so let’s go ahead and start new beginning the first day i took metformin i took it with my breakfast and it was 500 milligrams once a day and let me tell you i felt horrible my stomach was in so much pain i had nausea i just felt like i was going to vomit all over the place all day long it was so bad i had no appetite

I just it was like i had a truck hit my stomach and just blew up it was awful but i was expecting it i knew that it was going to affect my stomach in some way because that is the most common cause or the most common side effect of this drug that i’m taking so i expected it i knew it was gonna happen i started it on the weekend that way i was home just in case i

Needed to run to the bathroom or anything like that and i did have to run to the bathroom it did it did take me to the toilet so um it was expected i knew it was gonna happen or i knew the chance was a lot higher and so i was okay with that i came to terms with you know having a stomachache and feeling nauseated and having to went to the bathroom if i had to and

I was gonna try it out for two weeks so that was my mindset let’s give it two weeks so then i took it again the next day and i took it in between a meal so what i did was i was i started eating and then i drew i drank the pill or solve the pill and then i finished my meal and that seemed to really help i did have a little bit of stomach issue a little bit of gas

Enos bloatedness i just felt bloated but it wasn’t horror so i think that’s the way that i’m gonna continue to shake the pill or pills cuz now i’m taking two a day because that was the best way that it wouldn’t upset my stomach as much i continued to take the metformin for the remainder of the week and i’ve had little to no side effects every now and then i’ll have

Like a little upset stomach but it’s not horrible at all which i’m so thankful for and now that i am in week 2 i just started week 2 yesterday and i’m taking two doses i haven’t noticed anything different as like i did the first day that i took metformin so i don’t know if it’s helping or not helping just because my symptoms of pcos are just irregular bleeding heavy

Bleeding and my hair is thinned out quite a bit and a few little hairs on my chin i’ve never really been acne prone as an adult every now and then i’ll get something but it will be on the lower half of my jaw line i never get anything up here on my cheeks or anything it’s always on the lower half of my jaw line or even on my neck um so i can’t say that metformin

Is working but so far so good i don’t feel any different taking the medication now that i figured out how my body likes it um so we’re just gonna continue doing what we’re doing and move on to week two and see how week 2 goes and i’m gonna continue taking the meds until i see my doctor for my three-month revisit to see if my sis have increased or if i’ve gotten

More cysts or anything like that my ultrasound appointment and see what for the treatment i might need or if i can minimize or we’ll see what happens um as far as weight loss i have had weight loss but i don’t attribute it to metformin i have been on weight watchers as you guys know if you watch my videos on a regular i have been on a weight watchers journey so

My food as far as what i’ve been eating has been really strict regimen as far as calories goes i really don’t go over 1200 calories a day i’ve been increasing my activity i’ve been walking a lot more drinking a lot more water and just be more mindful of what i put into my mouth so i have lost seven and a half pounds but i’m not sure it’s in conjunction with the

Metformin may be the metformin is aiding in that but i can’t tell if i’m losing weight because of the metformin or if it’s because of my diet change or if it’s because of both it could it could be because of both i don’t see why it wouldn’t be because of both um heck all the assistance i can get to lose some pounds seriously i will take it but yes i do suggest a

Healthy eating lifestyle when you do have pcos you really want to take care of your body and give your body what it needs whole foods is really what you want to aim for fruits and vegetables and we try to buy it as organic as we possibly can i know you know if you’re on a budget it’s really hard but whenever something’s on sale i grab it and having pcos you already

Know that we’re insulin resistant so you want to really minimize your sugar especially your processed sugars or your white sugars natural sugars and fruits and things like that are completely okay at a minimum of course you don’t want to overdo on those sugars because your blood sugar will rise and insulin resistance it’ll turn into the glycogen i’ll turn into fat

So that is where i am right now in form in week one i will be back with week two update and let you know how i am doing and any questions go ahead and leave them down below don’t forget to subscribe leave a comment and um thumbs up this video if you like more videos like this and don’t forget to enter my giveaway i have a giveaway going it’s a hundred dollar gift

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PCOS & Metformin – Week 1 By Erica Rodriguez