June 4, 2023

The Prostate Cancer Survivorship Series offers quarterly events with healthcare professionals for prostate cancer survivors and their families to become educated about the disease, treatment methods, what to do after diagnosis, as well as share experience and moments of survivorship.

So dr. p berries right there are some trials with metformin and prostate most of the data was done with ovarian metformin and prostate and with aspirin and colorectal and some of that was incidental or actually after the fact when they were looking at the heart data what it speaks to the use of those three drugs what it speaks to is what causes cancer which we

Don’t really know but what we know is what does cause cancer is multifactorial that means there are many different contributors and we know some of those contributors have to do with how we use fat and sugar so we’ve been talking a lot about visceral adiposity or or abdominal weight right we’ve been talking a lot about exercise we’ve been talking a lot about

Fiber in some ways we’re talking around the problem right the problem has to do with how we use fat and sugar and we know that how we use fat and sugar can be a driver behind inflammation in the body aspirin lowers inflammation in the body by inhibiting a type of messenger that tells the body whether it’s inflamed or not metformin changes the way your body uses

Sugar and statins change the way that your body use fats there are some side effects that are important to note with those drugs metformin can have an impact on the liver statins can contribute to depression muscle weakness and a little bit of fatigue long term and baby aspirin can result in reflux or ulcers if not taken with food are not taken properly but i

Do recommend for patients who are an active surveillance or watchful waiting if there are appropriate candidates meaning their metabolic health is not where i need it to be and they’re not responding to diet and exercise david’s core values there which are really important i do recommend that they go on metformin 500 vit so 500 milligrams twice a day a baby

Aspirin i don’t recommend statin i don’t think the data is strong enough and i think the side effects are too significant for most of our population but in conjunction with that i’m giving them supplements like coke q10 or curcumin or chromium in high doses which will help to hit that root cause as well so i feel like we’re asking the question about metformin

Again so just as a pat answer it can be useful for progression for reducing the risk of progression of prostate however that data isn’t strong enough yet for urology and oncology to be prescribing however in a practice like ours where we’re focused on survivorship and lowering risk to progression we do use metformin in conjunction with other strategies to lower

Your blood sugar and to get good metabolic control that means how you use fat and sugar so it wouldn’t just be metformin as a single agent the idea that you can take a pill and magically lower your risk to progression is kind of the easy way out i wish that was a wish you is that easy so it’s not just about metformin is dr. peabody mentioned your hba1c your sugar

Is really important so what your hba1c is what your triglycerides are how you’re sleeping what other kinds of medications and supplements you might be taking all of that would play into a decision about whether metformin would be right for you you

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