January 26, 2023


Here we are going to talk about developmental disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism so adhd a behavioral disorder that is characterized by inappropriate degree of inattention over activities and impulsive impulsivities the childhood problem include the lower intellectual development some minor physical abnormalities sleep disturbance behavioral

Or emotional disorder and also difficulty with the social relationship and early diagnosis is the important to prevent the impaired emotional and psychological development so the diagnosis is established on basis of self report parents and teacher report and also use of assessment tools so attention deficit hyperactive disorder also called adhd is a disorder

Marked by n ongoing pattern of in attention and hyperactivity impulsability that is interfere with functional core developmental development so here we are going to share about the pathophysiology sign and symptom diagnostics treatment nursing care and family education so what are the data we need or to diagnose a disease so at dsd is a psychiatric condition we

Characterized by in attentiveness or hyperactivities or impulsivities so he did the sign and symptom so maybe patients hands or feet or they always ruling or movement in voluntary easily destructed by external or internal stimuli difficulty with following thoughts and instruction poor attention span shift from one uncomplete activity to other also talkative talk

Excessively in case of adhd shift from one uncomplete activity to others interrupt or intrude on others engaged in physically dangerous activity without considering the possible consequence um the basic pathology diffuse abnormalities in the brain can cause cognitive and functional deficit the other side symptoms we can see easily they distracted in attentiveness

Hyperactive immature impulsive impaired social and academic function so before intervention if you ask me how we diagnose it the clinical assessment or inform informant information from teacher from parents or primary caregiver will roll out the other disorder that treatment basically cns central nervous system stimulant like amphetamine methylphenidate or

Cognitive behavioral therapy so what are the intervention provide parents with information about the disorder and treatment plan car is the support group for parents treatment include behavioral therapy or medications and maintain a consistent environment or have to create classroom placement behavioral therapy focuses on preventing understandable behavior

Maintaining and cons consistent womb and classroom empowerment and providing environmental and physical set they measure are important also promote self-esteem stimulant medications may be prescribed so possible side and adversified include epithetic suppression weight loss nervousness right insomnia increased blood pressure we have to monitor every times so

What are the nursing care plan monitored child bodywork and growth because patient some medication reduce the appetite and it lead to the stop the growth so maintain the structural environment is important for them also consistent rules or decrease the destruction we provide medication with or after the meal so in the morning it is good it is good to give the

Medication the morning and to prevent insomnia also classroom teaching academic subject in the morning is good provide regular and frequent break it’s ill you i mean children who have this so in attention deficit hyperactive disorder basically it is very difficult in keeping concentration and paying attention in tax or play activities and often does not seem to

Listen when spoken to directly so it is good to avoid or dislike or in relevant to engaged in acts that is required sustained mental effort sometimes failed to give the close attention to delay details or make that careless mistake so early destruction uh or detracted by things going on around them so sometimes struggle is to follow the thought with instruction

The baby who have this it is also difficult in organizing the thoughts or activities also forgetfulness in daily activities let me talk about the next one this is called autism a spectrum disorder so autism spectrum disorder it is also developmental disorder and autism is a developmental disorder with symptom that f yeah within the first three years of life and

Its formal diagnostic name is called autism spectrum disorders okay the word uh spectrum indicate that autism appears in different forms with bearing level of severity autism also known as as i told you also known as autism spectrum but it is a developmental disorder it is characterized by communication social behavioral challenge and the condition is lifelong and

Symptom can vary considerable from one person to next and symptom involved the challenge for uh very very in individual to individuals so in this powerpoint we are going to discuss about the some path to physiology some risk factor science symptom diagnostic test treatment nursing care plan and female education so autism as i told you neurological disorder and

That causes behavioral problem or psychological problem let me read it autism specter disorder are complex neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown ideology composed of quality or alternations in social interaction and verbal impairment with repetitive restricted and stereotype behavior patent so this is underlying causes unknown atulosis are known related to the

Genetic factors some general said or environmental factors what are the risks factor respect to the family history or sex it is more common in the male baby what are the other side symptoms so autism specter disorder impaired range from mild to severe types implode autism or as asperger syndrome or red syndrome symptoms are usually noted by their parents by the

Three years of age so what are the same symptoms maybe impaired social interaction repeated behavior lack of eye to eye contact speech delay cognitive impairment or trouble adapting to the routine change so this said hyperactivities or history behavior sometimes depressed sometimes intolerance to the sound right or ignoring the danger right so how we uh diagnose

It we diagnose clinical assessment rule out underlying neurological assessment then what about the treatment option let me read it the cause of disorder is not specifically known however it has been linked to a wide range of antipartum interpartum and postpartum condition and exposure to hazard chemicals like genetic predispositions is also linked to the disorder

That disorder is accompanied by intellectual or social behavior deficit and the child exhibit the verbicular or bizarre characteristics with social interaction communication and behavior they spread their relatively moderate to severe disability some children with autism also very excellent in particular areas such as art music memories mathematics and perceptual

Skills such as puzzling buildings also diagnosis is established on basis of symptoms and with the use of several and scanning tools a scanning tutorial so uh clinical assessment and roll out underlying neurological causes help to diagnose the autism so what are the data collection social and communication abnormally a lack of comfort and looking for behavior

Abnormal or lack of social play impaired in pr relationship lack of awareness of existence or feelings of others abnormal or lack of limitation to of others or communication lack of impaired abnormal speech such as producing a monotronous os or echolalia knew what they make abnormal non-verbal communications or lack of imaginatively so also uh behavioral issues

Like pasta stand pre-occupations and attend uh attachment to objects range of interest restricted self-injurious behavior must maintain the routine and any environmental change produce more distress and it is it make them a bit flexible produce repetitive body movement such as the rocking or head in banging so what are the intervention so if you ask me about the

Treatment unfortunately no cure an early intervention services to improve the functioning the nursing care we provide referral for speech therapy occupational therapy behavioral therapy so determine the child’s routine habit and preferences also maintain consistency as mars as possible determine specific where in which the child communicate and use of this method

Avoid pleasing demand on the child in placement safety precastle as necessary or self-injury behaviors such as head banging assist to initiate referral to special program as required provides support to the parents and also ensure a safe environment for the child with autism right is the priorities so we should provide a structural environment or decrease the

Stimuli also give notice before implementing change to the routine

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