June 4, 2023

నెలసరి కి సరైన పరిష్కారం | Period Problems And Solution In Telugu | Reasons For irregular Periods #PlayEven

Harlem and the key bleeding go through building until sometime so period cipher interval product bleeding no bottom condom and the key periods regular rocket autumn lung problems me a cougar to stone perhaps leander college a routine interpreting irregular periods on anton matheny quantum and decay mo ant amano age group potatoes called mom will get amano 16

Years of chiba rocko irregular una 16-year girls irregular when we don’t normally treat them in the country body takes the unknown course discontent so till 16 years when a mom will go into him we counsel them we tell them please take it easy don’t worry about it i thought of otago deceptively though monica period set of utley though they’re not coming on time

Once into three months austin de or check i put heavy gauss tunde at last on the encounter kukuda aniki or cook a treatment until them maja will the most commonly mono you say the intern take weight gain okay sudden weight gain sudden weight loss team stress okay and thyroid issues and polycystic ovaries and on top okay mostly mono stress nificant retina sudden

Weight gain under weight reduction normally really hills mom i got a comeback peters got a problem lena waited addiction is very very important yes like you said correct yeah can’t i roy dish you want it i know mom will go put any regular periods dr. chi weight gain even in your thyroid symptoms on i am all kind of control okay like certain kuvira gana piston de

And he hair fall is dead change in your voice carlos arika very well chip dough into can look like when i and skin changes a man on tape atlanta peru we ask them those questions concha 190 we send them for a thyroid test ok tyroid 11 monkey echo androvich ithaca when raj a coastal treatment too little it of course the hooker type of treatment tablets something mmm

Mostly it’s by tablets only oh and china market amano tablet ct value regular got these contain it normally sits rate if the i wrote is the only issue connie thyroid oppa – lately meimei inches now monday it is along with a lot of other hormonal problems atlanta nanta polycystic ovaries and anton anton mom uganda ronnie the layman term antony – boogaloo now you

Marie is lauren a dakota mom olga sudden weight gain total was today jana mcgann country though jim parvati name wait paragon hunter but actually weight gain – pato you know sherry before oh 20 low personally 2016 marco we don’t do anything okay 16th your i enter whatta i put in a regular cycle sometime we first sent for a scan along with some blood tests and

I put you stop okay polycystic ovaries on i ant a hormonal imbalance but i have to tell you 90% of the treatment is weight loss oh only 10% is what we give ok to tablets and tvs to party amazon and upper lip hair or chest own chest me the hair on tone nipples me the hair or stone young girls they find it very weird parimal carbonado in the cotton though ideon

So they go for electrolysis and laser but cancer but core treatment we should make sure hardman’s are under control a medical no just not a pretty mademou chin up in la locura ante mundo my mother of all a generation connie an takuna man a grandma generations just full day 16 years were who mature iowa alakazoo we put useful demonica 12 yes her name it shows

Well we are actually 12 years was my generation i don’t remember now it has come to eight years yes we see eight-year-old girls also coming with their first pretty money more copper juice container a mother’s connie man a grandma so while a time you choose could be 16 year he made sure i ever connie you put it just contain 12 years before 10 laura yes make sure

They could not argue like they done well have you to learn the problems of spinny and i normally andy you put present generation what we see girls say the youngers eight years k first period or just oh my god that is because of food habits is you wait normally gamma gender children and tama no school or not and now gone they all look class copula with their

Own devil puts another one day all class cocktails there oh i personally so i think it’s the food and a little oh i put my noodle and a junk food oh even need there is steroids mostly at least that is what i keep hearing and any everything has a lot of sugar content so then thirty their thing okay nothing monopod or exercise they save a little money to you pj

Soon debbie i mean are cortana kubica time on any you put a lilica at i mooned at lay the morning then she unique work of school ooh classy way sarah put that over a way to be one of the reasons got a sedentary lifestyle correct you like you said a pro man want a moon do we used to go out to play you know it’s all about ipad every monarchy and none think i think

What everything is about ipad and you know they’re using technology but one thing is they’re much the kids are much smarter for their age than what we were that we have to agree gel and a technology has improved the iq of a lot of people at the same time yes physical activity 34 you said i would not jim honey awaken show a quake worth now i wish people thought

Of going out and playing sports than going to the gym yeah like before my video kanaka become a generically like changing a changing subscribe chain you

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నెలసరి కి సరైన పరిష్కారం | Period Problems And Solution In Telugu | Reasons For irregular Periods By PlayEven