March 24, 2023

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– How can i help you today you know that wool friend you prescribed to me about a month ago i’m quite sick of coming in quite frequently and getting blood samples and tests is there anything else you can recommend well i can recommend another type of anticoagulant and it doesn’t require that much monitoring yeah great so this drug is apixaban red tape eliquis or

Pixabay is an anticoagulant that is used for thinning the blood preventing it from blood clot formation apixaban is using patients suffering from atrial fibrillation deep vein thrombosis pulmonary embolism edge stroke yep excellent usually taken orally with or without food commonly twice a day the absolute bioavailability of a pixie bam is 50% up to 10 milligrams

Rapidly absorbed with maximum concentrations appearing three to four hours after mtech 25% is recovered as a metabolite and majority in feces riedle excretions accounts for 27% of total clearance next event has a total clearance of 3.3 liters per hour and a half wave of approximately 12 hours the pics baby is metabolize via sip three four or five enzyme that’s

Great thank you how does this drug even work well this drug does involve several complicated steps let’s begin with hemostasis hebrews cases can be divided into three major parts part 1 the spasm or vasoconstriction – platelet plug formation and 3 coagulation cascade let’s say an injury has caused the damage in the blood vessel injured cells surrounding it begin

To expose collagen this first step in hemostasis is vasospasm or vasoconstriction the blood vessels have to contract in order to save blood and reduced blood flow following step 1 we have a second step which involves platelet plug formation where platelets form a temporary plug to reduce blood flow out of our body with the help of von willebrand factors platelets

Adhere to expose collagen then the activated platelets release granules containing chemical mediators that increase the sur constriction these include adenosine diphosphate thrombin thromboxane a2 and serotonin and platelet activating factors that attract and activate more platelets to the site of injury causing platelet aggregation and vasospasm however the

Aggregation of platelets acting like a clock is not enough to secure the site of injury to strengthen the platelet plug o’clock bus for the formation of court involves a cascade of enzyme formation of a range of clotting factors into their active form ultimately producing a fibrin mesh the coagulation cascade involves two pathways the intrinsic pathway and the

Extrinsic pathway the intrinsic pathway begins with clotting factor 12 activated when blood comes into contact with collagen in the damaged vascular wall this is then activated in such a series of reactions and the activated factor 10 then converts prothrombin to thrombin thrombin then converts fibrinogen to fibrin that forms a mesh that strengthens a plated block

The extrinsic pathway is stimulated by tissue factors released from damaged cells outside circulating blood it begins with activation of factor 7 which activates faction 10 then the intrinsic and extrinsic pathway converge into common pathways now let’s talk about and pixie ban it picks a bit or brannon elegance binds directly to the site of factor 10a preventing

It from converting prothrombin to thrombin are there any side effects i should be worried about the side effects include black bloody stools unusual bleeding bruising civvy headache and cough in your blood or coffee grown from it the most common being bruising how is this drug clinically proven due to its side effects our soda study conducted by the brand eliquis

If the k clinical trial that assess the safety of elvis compared to that of warfarin the results concluded that there was a lower rate of stroke or systemic embolism formation and the lower rate of marcato infarction for patients using eloquence compared to those administered with warfarin the rate of hemorrhage stroke and bleeding was 49 percent lower in patients

Assigned to eliquis it is for these reasons that i would recommend eliquis over the most commonly to anticoagulant warfarin also you will not need to come in for regular blood works when on eliquids eliquis give you impact on one’s social life the side effect such a sensitive stomach can impact on the type of food being consumed as well as not being able to drink

That could affect socializing although apixaban is one of the most expensive anticoagulants being displayed in the graph that costs ninety one dollars and sixty nine cents per month without major research has shown that the benefits outweigh the risk and costs radiant number one anticoagulant in comparison to warfarin dabigatran and rivaroxaban thank you so much

You’ve been such good help no problems iger best of luck with that thank you for fixing my problem you

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