June 4, 2023

PHARMACIST Fi shares a fascinating medicine problem story, plus some Top Tips on ways to try to prevent that problem from happening.

Hi. how are you going? i hope you’re feeling as  well as possible on your medicines. i’m pharmacist   mr b’s shoulder pain had got a lot worse recently,  so he asked his doctor for something to help   reduce the pain. unfortunately mr b’s doctor was  unaware that his apixaban (which is the medicine   that could cause a stroke)

– That apixaban can   interact with some medicines – like the naproxen  the doctor prescribed to reduce his shoulder pain,   and what this interaction did was to increase  intestines, or brain. within a few days of mr   b starting naproxen, he looked down and noticed  quite a few bruises had formed on his legs,  

Or falling. because mr b did not know that   unexplained bruising or bleeding are possible side  effects of both apixaban and naproxen, he did not   think to contact the doctor about his bruises.  instead, he came into the pharmacy to buy a cream   to try to get rid of his leg bruises – but he  did not realize that that cream

Might increase   bruising is potentially a serious matter,   so the pharmacist on duty at that pharmacy asked  mr b what medicines he was taking, and as soon   as he told her she immediately offered to call his  doctor for him – to suggest the doctor advise mr b   to stop taking naproxen immediately. mr b’s doctor 

Agreed with the pharmacist’s suggestion and was   very appreciative of the advice about the likely  medicine interaction that had happened. but how   could mr b have tried to prevent this medicine  interaction from happening in the first place?   you have never taken before, ask your pharmacist   to run an interactions

Check for you on their  medicines prescribed by a doctor, medicines from  the supermarket or pharmacy, vitamins, minerals,   herbal medicines or supplements, any products  with alcohol, caffeine or grapefruit in them,   things may interact with some medicines.   the easiest way to give your pharmacist all this  info, is

To lend your pharmacist your medicines,   help you make a medicines, allergies and contacts   list – of everything you take (including all the  types of things i just mentioned in top tip #1),   and keep your list updated, and show it to every  doctor, specialist, dentist, nurse, or pharmacist   avoid giving you any risky

Medicine interactions.   you take, and read the section about side   out for, and what to do about side effects if   they happen. i’ll put links to videos into the  description section below this video for you,   to help you find out more about interactions, and  making a medicines allergies and contacts list,  

Take. thankfully, mr b’s medicine interaction   medicine problems are best avoided before they  happen (if possible), so i wish you all the   very best as you follow these top tips to try to  prevent medicine problems from happening to you!   please click the subscribe and like buttons below  this video if you’d like to see more

Of these   medicine safety videos, and denver and i look  forward to catching up with you again very soon  

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PHARMACIST Fi Medicine Safety Stories: WHAT WENT WRONG – Episode 2 – "A Bruising Interaction" By PHARMACIST Fi