June 1, 2023

Pharmacology albuterol beta 2 agonists explained clearly by Mike Linares from

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Bank loaded with detailed rationales to test your knowledge join for free click the link in our description below all right guys let’s begin so guys let’s start with our bronco team bam first off we have b for beta 2 agonist these guys end in butyrol like albuterol and level butyrol so guys just remember the b in butyrol is used for brutal asthma attacks since

It’s the first drug we use during severe asthma attacks and it’s the fastest acting bronchodilator so the nclex key word here is it’s the only rescue inhaler during acute asthma attacks to be used before steroid inhalers that’s always a common nclex question now guys big caution here celie metro is a beta 2 agonist as well but it’s a slower acting not a rescue

Inhaler so not to be used during an acute asthma attack since it ends in terrell and not butarol now it’s used commonly with a combination of steroids for longer term control of moderate to severe asthma now a common nclex question is do not use fluticasone or salimetrol for the first signs of acute asthma attack so during acute asthma attacks guys we give

Three drugs and to be honest sequence is key on the nclex so use the memory trick aim for the acute asthma attack a for albuterol which is always used first during brutal asthma and not selemetrol which is the slower acting one i is for hypertrophium always use second which we’ll be covering next and m is for methylprednisolone brand name sully metro which is

Our steroid always to be used last since steroids act so slow and it has the word prednisolone which kind of sounds like prednisone so that’s how you know it’s a steroid now for the mechanism of action these are beta-2 agonists which activate beta-2 in the lungs which dilates the bronchi resulting in increased airflow but it also activates beta 1 in the heart

Which makes the heart go crazy fast so the common side effect is a rapid heart rate so just think albuterol amps up the body now expected side effects for albuterol just think of the three t’s t for tachycardia and palpitations t for tremor and t for tossing and turning at night keyword for exams are insomnia and difficulty sleeping so teach patients not to take

It at bedtime and guys don’t let the nclex trick you commonly chosen distractors not constipation that’s a side effect for opioid pain meds and not hives that’s totally an allergic reaction not expected finding now patient education a little side note for asthmatic patients we always avoid beta blockers that end in lol like atenolol which can cause bronchospasms

And avoid nsaids like naproxen and ibuprofen which can worsen asthma now during an attack or a severe asthma attack we instruct patients to take two to four puffs every 20 minutes for three rounds now the big key point here guys write this down if it doesn’t work after three doses then you notify the hcp and how do we evaluate if the med is effective well we have

Decrease in respiratory rate example 34 respirations go down to 24. and guys the oxygen saturation is at least 90 percent or higher now a common hesi question asks about albuterol nebulizer some expected findings after treatment well there’s going to be increased productive cough reports of decreased anxiety as well as mild bilateral hand tremors guys these are

Totally normal now as far as administration make sure you shake it before you take it so remember come on shake shake it come come all shake shake now guys the key point here is always make sure to shake it well then you breathe all the way out push the inhaler inhale and hold for a few seconds then exhale now if we’re taking with steroids to the correct order is

Albuterol first to bronchodilate and open the lungs and steroids seconds to get all that powder down into the deep lungs now as far as cleaning the meter dosed inhaler we always clean the mouthpiece one to two times per week with warm water now this does not have to be done after every use common nclex question only steroids are washed after every use so guys just

Think steroid inhalers go right in the sink after each use now a common question on exit exams they’ll present a patient with severe asthma with their vital signs all screwed up and they’ll ask which medication would you give select all that apply so guys remember during asthma attacks we give aim albuterol hypertrophium and methylpredazoline so guys our correct

Options here are two for albuterol inhaler three nebulizer hypertropium and five iv methyloprenazolone thanks for watching for our full video and new quiz bank click right up here to access your free trial and please consider subscribing to our youtube channel last but not least a big thanks to our team of experts helping us make these great videos alright guys see you next time

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