March 28, 2023


Guys nurse my dear and welcome to simple nursing comm now before we get today’s lecture started please remember to access your free quiz and preview our cool nifty new study guides not here on youtube click the link right up here at any time during this video all right guys let’s begin okay next is b for beta blockers which puts the brakes on the heart ending in lol

Like atenolol so think double owls means double lows l for low heart rate and l for low blood pressure so we always check both heart rate and blood pressure before giving now pharmacology exams love to ask about the three- tropics so guys beta blockers put the brakes on the heart so negative chronos means less time negative i know means less force and negative

Drama tropic means less speed of conduction which results in less beats now these fancy words just means that we get a decrease in resistance workload and cardiac output which makes it bad for our patients in acute or that worsening heart failure so for the mechanism of action and beta blockers just think beta blockers block beta receptors in the sympathetic

Nervous system just fancy words for blocking beta one for a one heart and also blocking beta two for two lung and since most are non selective or aka noncardiac selective we end up blocking everything so we not only get a slow heart we also get narrowed bronchi and the lungs basically called up bronchospasm so we usually hold this drug for copd and asthma patients

So to help you remember the most dangerous side effects guys write down these four b’s here bradycardia and low blood pressure we hold the drug this is always on the nclex so any heart rate less than sixty and any blood pressure less than ninety or a hundred sighs delic guys we don’t give the drug and since the drug affects the blood pressure we always teach the

Patients slow position changes to avoid passing out okay orthostatic hypotension next be is for breathing problems since beta blockers blocked beta two in the lungs we get these bronchospasms commonly hurt is wheezing so again forgive to asthma or copd patients next be is bad for heart failure patients it can worse and heart failure patients guys and it collects

Keywords here write these down new edema worsening crackles in the lungs rapid weight gain or even new jvd all indicate a new heavy fluid or basically worsening heart failure which is a big priority we always report these keywords always new or worsening findings to the hcp or basically to the doctor our last b is for blood sugar masking in our diabetic patients

So sugars below 70 beta blockers commonly hide the signs and symptoms of low sugar that hypoglycemia hiding the cool the shaky the clammy and even hiding that high heart rate so guys we want to monitor our sugar’s closely since low blood sugar means low brain function or basically hypoglycemia and new quiz bank click right up here to access your free trial and

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Pharmacology – Antihypertensives Beta Blockers Atenolol – for Registered nurse RN and PN NCLEX By Simple Nursing