December 8, 2022

In this video i run through the classification of all the calcium channel blockers :

Today we’re gonna be talking about calcium channel blockers i’m gonna look at the pharmacology of the calcium channel blockers so you know there are different types of kalat calcium channels found within the body now this is a picture or a screen shot i’ve taken off wikipedia the main ones are l type p type and type r type and t type as you can see on the screen

The ones that we’re familiar with or the ones that pharmacologist usually work with mostly is outside cancer channels because they’ve found predominantly in the vascular smooth muscle as well as gi t uterus and various other organs now the l-type calcium channel is usually composed of an alpha 1 alpha 2 as well as gamma delta and beta subunits now calcium channel

Blockers what they do is they usually block the alpha-1 subunit so l-type are typically for smooth muscles such as my aquatic tissue vascular so blood vessels and non busker cells such as neurons calcium channel blockers they usually bind to alpha-1 subunit of the calcium channel blocker so in case you get a question which asks where exactly on the calcium channel or

On the outside chance in channel blocker does the drug actin then alpha-1 subunit of it is the correct answer chaoxin channel locations now they mainly found so they outside calcium channel blocker the other type calcium channels are the ones that we were interested in this video that’s the ones that we’re gonna be talking about throughout the video they’re found

In vascular smooth muscle so arteries are more you g sensitive than veins cardiac muscle and they are involved with an av conduction as well as katya my excitation nonvascular smooth muscles including bronchioles gastrointestinal tract so the muscles that cover or cause peristalsis occur and in the uterus so in the uterine contractions during pregnancy however in

Skeletal muscle so pause the video and this is the important part with skeletal muscles are not dependent on calcium flux so using a calcium channel blocker does not fix clee to a muscle action hence why people that take calcium channel blockers for heart conditions such as hypertension such as angina pectoris or something it doesn’t affect their skeletal muscles

You’ve probably learned in biology and various other topics that skeletal muscle usually works by calcium channel opening and the sarcoplasmic reticulum causing an av conduction and then so on and so on now a calcium channel blockers classifications are very important now they can be split into dihydrocodeine as well as non-diet hydro protease dietary proteins are

Commonly short radiated as thps and hundred releases 90 hp’s they can then be further classified as first gen second and third generation and nandi hp’s include fina ocular means as well as pencil thighs means i usually tend to remember these two drugs just there are only two non thps or non dihydropyridine say you are meant to learn and you should be aware of

As a clinician the first generation include three drugs nifedipine nature and dipping and onomatopoeia you might have heard of nifedipine if you depend usually reoccurs in second generation again and feel of the penis that main want to remove from the second gene and from the third gen i’m not a pain and lastly peen the ones i want you to learn from this video on

If you dip in nature and dependent name deep interrogatory first gen feeler dp for second and amlodipine i’m in the penis the commonly prescribed to calcium channel blocker out there in the market for angina pectoris as well as i should have attention in various other causes non dihydrocodeine so nandi hp is included for a panel and dilys ism so these are the two

Drugs the pause a video and you need to kind of buy off this drugs off by head now first generation drugs second gen and third generation are already administrated they can also be administrator in different forms by the common form or tablet formats so you see a patient with a amlodipine a calcium channel 13 block they usually have tablets benzodiazepines such

As tillett isms or nandi hp dilute ism is also oral admin administrated so everything apart from verapamil which is intravenously administrated is already administrated so first in second gen third gen from the thps and the autism from the non th pizza or or administrated whereas verapamil is the only one and the exception which is iv administrated now i’m nadine

Has a highest oral bioavailability and verapamil has a lowest or bioavailability usually around 20 to 35 percent whereas adam levine has around 70 to 80 percent now the half-life of amlodipine is again the greatest at 20 to 50 hours and philippine is slightly shorter so relatively slower shorter at 8 to 16 hours and the shortest of them being new philippine which

Is 3 to 4 hours for a permanent ism also are 3 to 4 hours half-life so once again first gen second gen 13 or and guided azam which are from the non-gaap sorrow or administrated i’m going to penis the highest priority and recommend the lowest oral bioavailability make sure you learn these key facts because they do come in handy when you want to prescribe the drugs

Hence why since immunity pin has a highest or bio ability it’s administered already as well as when the greatest off life this is a drug of choice for most patients now verapamil and dilys ism usually mainly work on the heart cardiac muscle tissue they usually effect whereas first generation second generation third generation amlodipine filipino philippine natural

And nimmo they all work on vasculature so on the blood vessels so you need to know these that nandi hp’s such as for optimal and elitism all affect the harpe muscles whereas first gen ii general surgeon affects the vasculature so when you give a man a dipping is usually working by contracting the dilating sorry dilation of the arterioles found within the peripheral

Arteries as well as the big arteries found within your body whereas 90hp such as for a prolonged illness ism they work by slowing down contract mt they have negative motor pig- cochrane entropic which we will go into it is also the only thing i want to take away from this is monte hp’s well i directly in the heart muscle whereas the hp’s work on vasculature now first

Generation new philippine and second gen intelligent they also work on the vasculature of the my column so the coronary arteries so don’t be fooled by the image that i’ve put up it represents a heart but i’m trying to signify and show you that the coronary arteries supply is the one that is affected or the one that’s affect the drugs effect now verapamil used as

Chronic traffic effect which means it decreases sa new firing it also has a dramatic effect which is decreased av node firing and lastly as inotropic effect which is decreased contractility so if you prescribe some of the verapamil that usually presents with these three conditions and they will come pre in your exam so these three things are very important chrono

Troubling drama topic and i know troubling that it is ammonia has to cronin and drama it can also have i know but the two main ones remember our cropping effect and drama trick in fact if someone asked you i’ve written in brackets what these things mean sa node an av node how we affects them now the dhp is usually worked by coronary dilation so they can be given a

Nun jennifer as well as our chilean on true evaluation they also worked by a non-smooth such as bronchioles gi tract muscles as well as uterine contractions are you try muscles so thps can be given in pregnancy such as nifty tp in order to because these are relaxed the muscle they can be used in uterine contractions gi t as well as procure so you will see these

Drugs calcium channel blockers sometimes used in other parts in respiratory so in bronchioles in gi t in the when you’re getting ministering or you have gastric ulcer disease and you can also see in uterine contraction during pregnancy so keep that in your head d hp’s can be used for other things other than just arterial dilation now what are the contraindications

And adverse reactions of calcium channel blockers i’ve already highlighted a few that you need to be know and be aware of the first one is it can cause headache flush and dizziness or mainly differ dipping all the hp’s can cause headache flush dizziness all of these drugs can but the main ones are new philippine they can cause hypertension and kadima gingival

Hyperplasia and taste disturbance so headache flushed dizziness hypertension ankle edema is one of the biggest ones you want to remember gingival hyperplasia and taste disturbance verapamil itself has two which is constipation as well as av block disorders the lattissima she follows all the other types of adverse reactions another one was reflex tachycardia not

Least the contradictions of calcium channel blockers so what can it be given with um what can it not be given with it’s beneficial with thps and pc blockers because beach blockers work on the body at muscle whereas th peas work on vasculature so they work on two different entities p2 blockers decreased contractility whereas the hp’s dilate the blood vessels so

They’re two different things but which come together to cause one effects so decreasing and blood pressure decreasing in pain angina pectoris except except cetera now instead of chariots to give her abdomen which is an on th p with a beautiful because they both work on the cardiac muscle tissue so it would eventually cause hypotension and very decreased tech

Bradycardic very chaotic effect for a prolonged bag box and it’s also again contraindicated contraindications of calcium channel blockers in general or congestive heart failure absolutely known dhp should not be given and relatively thp should not be given so thanks for watching the video please subscribe and look out for more videos

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Pharmacology -Calcium Channel Blockers Antihypertensive-Amlodipine, Nifedipine, Verapamil, Dilitazem By Royal Christ College