June 4, 2023

PHarmacology of GOUT( acute and chronic)

So elephants in this video we are now going to discuss what the farm close your coat so for a cute coat we use two drugs that is answered and colchicine and from kony goat view chanting oxidize in winter and many more so first coming to the cuticle treatment so drug of choice is and said okay and in that we use basically indoor matheson and if not responding

To indomethacin we can use asteroid also now coming to the second table that is your colchicine so source is your al plant okay now my kind of exultation it in which store microtubules okay by imitating microtubule it is emitting cell movement so it will inhibit your chemotaxis it will also decrease the release of chemotactic factors by neutrophils okay so till

These two these two mechanism colchicine work by inhibiting chemotaxis and by innovating by dakini the reserve protective factors when you travel now you drop what you seen for acute gout then can we also be used for file access of parallel material syndrome and mio doses side effect most common side effects as yeah that is nausea and vomiting and diarrhea will

Be there no bone marrow suppression is also one of the side effect of colchicine clear no coming to the next so this is a acute gout treatment means true classic rock and saturn consciousness now coming to the chronic gout so the first drug use argentine oxidize in winter it will decrease you rick acids in today the first drug in this is your yellow pyramid so it

Is used as drug of choice for chronic gout and to mellitus and so a parole agent enoch stress neuter the jews as a drug of choice in case of chronic gout and tamala his syndrome it can also be given in the lesson and syndrome and post transplant person because in this person there will be hyper endemic estate now whatever side effects or side effect is to block so

Very interesting point that these drugs are used for your gout and it also call it as a side effect a cube okay now for prevent with acute gout we can use instead of colchicine for at least two weeks because there is a profound acute gout when you start the treatment with allah problem and you can please comment the reason behind this side effects now most common

Side effect it says hypersensitivity and it is seen bit told percent will who have a chilly b5 @ 0n z n+ now second side effect that also in within the autopilot decarboxylase so it causes erotic asylum it inhibits xanthine oxidase so scientific can also eat gentleness tone now the next truck after ella preneur is occipital okay and occipital is a orphan drug clear

And it is dissolved for the treatment of chronic gout in person with ella premal hypersensitive the next seizure free boxes that and it is used in chronic gout alternative to l upon of the teardrop l open all occipital and ebooks all stacked the next group of drug which i used in chronic out gently you recruit that will increase uric acid excretion use chronic out

Okay add on to the tumor drugs including probenecid those are turns sulfon battlezone then bends blue maroon then less similar okay this lesson rod is a problem crown circuit it is not effective in person with renal failure except bends pokémon so you can give bends bomb on e nl 3% also side affected renal stones al group either your occasional oh okay it just

Metabolizes eureka city clerk to drug let us build cage and penalty case clip a lot ekg will put it went up chronic out okay resist n2l open on and this can be given for that it went up to one isis salam also side effect a hypersensitive meat hammer globe union human essence it is six bit different so this is all about your gout in next video we will discuss about rheumatoid arthritis

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PHarmacology of GOUT( acute and chronic)-colchicine, allopurinol, rasburicase By STUDY MEDICINE ASH TUTORIALS