June 1, 2023

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Breaking news from the world of medicine around 400,000 australian is known to be affected by atrial fibrillation also known as af could be looking at a brighter future as improved drug options are expected to revolutionize the way af is currently treated a clinical trial in america known as the aristotle trial is the first of its kind comparing a pizza ban with

Warfarin a commonly prescribed anticoagulant here to tell us more is professor selling halls a scientist from the cardiac research department of bristol-myers squibb thank you karin to explain yes a healthy functioning heart has to be understood our heart has four chambers which pump blood around the body enabling oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to ourselves

In fler all these tables beat in a synchronised rhythm but with af this rhythm is irregular therefore the blood is not pumped as efficiently around the body so professor what is the cause of area af can be caused by a range of different heart conditions that damage the heart structure some of these include high blood pressure high tax coronary artery disease in

Congenital defects the most frequent clinical manifestation of a s is a stroke which is caused by a blood clot within the brain stopping the blood oxygen and nutrients from passing through the vessel having a ethylenes blood is trapped in the chambers of the heart leaving the blood to pool and when the blood has the opportunity to bull it also has opportunity to

Clog currently use either an anticoagulant or an antiplatelet to prevent this from occurring epic’s fan and anticoagulant was first compared to the antiplatelet aspirin in the everest trial which was met with overwhelming success that’s when we commenced the aerosol trial so what is the aristotle trial the aristotle trial is the first of its kind comparing a

Big spin with previous and still widely popular treatment warfarin walter does seem to reduce the risk of a stroke by 60% after decades was used as the mainstay drug the problem with warfarin is that it has a lower onset of action narrow therapeutic window and isn’t suitable for all patients can you explain how it fits about works in our bodies are true signal

Tennessee occurring pathways in coagulation or creation of a clock these are primary you know stasis and secondary hemostasis primary hemostasis involves an aggregation of platelets to form a plug at the site of an injury and secondary hemostasis is the formation of fibrin which acts to stabilizes plug aspirin targets the primary hemostasis and is therefore called

An antiplatelet a big spin and warfarin both target different stages and secondary hemostasis to understand how a big spinner works you must first understand how a clot forms we can see that almost instantly after a blood vessel is damaged the body causes the aggregation of platelets the white cells to hold the platelets in a plaque formation fibrin is required

Luckily the aggregation of platelets emanates a chemical cascade resulting in the formation of food woodham this cascade is a series of reactions by different proteins in the body will the reaction to proceed they need to bind in the correct order into the correct part of the next molecule a big spend engages directly with one of the proteins in a series of reactions

And changes the shape of it preventing it from binding this protein is called at factor 10a once bam the coagulation cascade can no longer proceed and therefore the platelets are no longer all together and start to disperse thank you for your time professor we now head over to dr. benson one of her patients valerie good morning yes pics that has been an absolute

Breakthrough treatment in my cardiac ward it is resulted in fewer hemorrhagic strokes and a lower incidence of bleeding compared to warfarin i have here bal who’s recently been switched from warfarin to a pig’s man following the trial honestly i feel like it has changed my life i experienced no symptoms with the switch which was amazing when i was on warfarin i

Had to visit a collection clinic at least once a week for blood tests i also couldn’t take nurofen panadol and aspirin for pain and antibiotics and antifungals were completely off the table but i think the diet was the worst part i had to watch out for so many foods like spinach kale brussels sprouts and grapefruit thank you dr. benson valerie we’re now joined by melissa the weather

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