December 8, 2022

Update day 3 9/20/2013

Hey everybody this is daryl again this is uh the day three of the um phentermine fentanyl stuff the fluoxetine and the top pyramid top max cocktail for losing weight i wasn’t planning on doing a video but i just got done working out a little bit so please forgive this lovely appearance um i just thought i’d do a quick video and just tell you what happens overnight

Um i don’t have any kind of measurement or weights for you because uh my scale doesn’t go that high um as you know if i invite you to watch my first video please uh i’ll tell you a lot more stuff i have a lot of weight to lose a lot of health issues going on uh they put me on this stuff and uh this is day three and i take one in the morning it’s a 30 milligrams

Of the um i don’t know why i can’t remember for all the things i’m looking up on the internet for the phentermine it’s 30 milligrams and i take one in the morning and i take one of the top max at night time and i can also take one of the fluoxetines in the morning the fluoxetines make you drowsy so the um phentermine stuff counteracts it uh definitely curbs

Your appetite did the same thing for the second day um i did not have my cup of coffee in the morning and it helped but i still peed like a racehorse if you’re if you’re watching this and you didn’t watch the first one it’s a little out of context but yesterday and the first day all i did was pee i mean literally like everything every 15 minutes in fact if i

Thought about it i ended up having to go and there was a little difficulty in going to and i researched it and other people had the same things one of those feelings like you really have to go and then you had a little trouble today i didn’t really have that but i still had the frequency but not as bad as when i had the coffee so maybe it’s just uh you know it

Is a diuretic so i’m on being hit you know being a fun mild form speed so you know it’s gonna and the doctor did say he thought i was retaining some water when he went up and down my legs and stuff so it’s got to be coming from somewhere i mean i’m drinking a fair amount of water but it’s still you know i’m peeing more more than water that i’m drinking so that

Being said energy level is good uh well what did i have to eat today oh i guess i should when i edit this video i’ll bring up a picture of what i had for lunch i’ll bring it up right about here uh i had some that was uh fish marinated in some balsamic reduction along with just some carrots and broccoli and cauliflower it was pretty good eat it really just to

Have it because i really wasn’t that interested in eating it but i don’t want my body to go into starvation mode so what i’m doing is uh i’ve done atkins before and i’ve lost a lot of weight on napkins and like a a jerk i put it all back on uh but i lost over 80 pounds with the atkins in the past so uh what i’m doing this time is i’m doing a napkins like food

Since i’m eating so little food anyways i’m just keeping it high protein and low carbs so it’s easy just to uh to cook up a piece of meat and have a little bit of vegetable side with it and be happy with that and still keeping my you know you know my carbs and my calories are you know staying under 20 carbons a day and my calorie is really uh i probably should

Increase it eventually but since i just started why not kick start it and you know see how it goes down the road here but uh other than that it’s going great i’m not going to drag this out i just wanted to uh make another quick video if you’re following doing this please facebook friend me uh uh you know again look at that first video uh i hope you’ll join me on

My journey uh there’s a couple other people that are doing the journey recently so there’s one guy who’s got a lot to lose man i forgot your name i want to say don but i could be wrong dude you know good luck you’re in my prayers and talk to y’all soon

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Phentermine and Topiramate weight loss cocktail Day 3 Video # 2 By Darryl Narbe