June 4, 2023

My experience and perspective for Phentermine as a means for weight loss. Stats – Height: 5 ft. Age: 24. Current weight: 175. Goal weight: 145.

Hey guys bella here i wanted to do a video about my experience with taking thinner mean for the last 30 days so phentermine is an appetite suppressant and it’s kind of marketed as a weight-loss drug and this is something that is meant to be taken typically for no more than three months a lot of people have a lot of success with it very quickly but then they also

Gain all their weight back so i was kind of hesitant about taking it just a little background about my fitness journey in my life at my heaviest i was around 190 close to high school and i started counting calories and lost a lot of weight just by being super super specific about counting calories and weighing everything and measuring my food and also pretty

Rigorous exercise so i got down to 135 from 189 so i lost about 50 pounds and slowly over the years my weights just kind of crept back up you know ten pounds one year 15 pounds another year and so i had gone all the way back up to 170 or 181 was my highest weight and i started taking finnerman and in the 30 days since i’ve started taking it i have actually lost

Six pounds doesn’t seem like a lot but for me i’m only five foot tall so it’s like extremely hard for me to kind of lose weight i can usually lose like two or three pounds a month if i really really try and encount the calories and exercise so really i’ve been able to lose double what i normally would but as far as the medicine goes it’s made me you know kind

Of more energetic it makes you a little bit jittery that was the biggest side effect i saw so if you have any kind of like over lying or anxiety problems to begin with it typically makes it worse and then you’re gonna have to deal with the fact that you have your heart rate is sped up when you take this medicine so you kind of have to be careful with it and know

Your body i stopped drinking as much coffee as i was drinking because i didn’t want to have the caffeine and the finnerman all interacting together saw switched and just started drinking meet like like one cup of coffee a day and then having like decaf coffee later but as far as that goes that was a side effect and also like severe dry mouth which is why i usually

Keep like a lot of water with me right now i like to keep these um this seltzer water some people don’t like it some people like it this one’s really good it’s orange vanilla but anyways i’ll probably drink about anywhere between 80 to 100 ounces of water a day to combat the dry mouth i’m still seeing that and then as far as irritability that was one side effect

I noticed a lot from this i’m not usually a very like i’m pretty easygoing person and since i’ve started taking this medicine i’ve been a little on edge i think it’s basically i mean it is a drug and it affects your brain in your body in your chemistry so as great as it is to have the energy boost it also comes with some sort of annoying side effects but nothing

That i don’t feel like you know was not worth it i think the pros and cons sort of balance out especially considering the fact that i felt like i had more energy now i’m also getting a b12 shot once a month and that i can’t really tell if that’s helped or not i’ve always felt like i had super low energy and i know part of that was from being overweight but i was

Kind of considering you know was there something wrong with me or my hormones or my thyroid i know this is like probably too much information but i mean as far as you know a lot of women will be able to relate even after getting a full night’s sleep still feeling like really really tired afterwards and feeling like maybe if i go for five or six hours working during

The day then i feel like i just need to come home and sleep after that many many times i feel like i was not gonna be able to make it through my day because i was so tired and i don’t know if that’s mental exhaustion or not i mean i wasn’t getting enough sleep i was getting i get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and i feel like it’s you know probably has something to

Do with my being overweight but anyways that’s that’s just something i’ve noticed and i will say that after 30 days have taken finnerman the effects start to wear not wear off but they’re not as strong the first couple of probably first 10 days i was on the medicine i felt really really jittery and also i was not hungry at all i was kind of having to force myself

To eat food which was good because i’m usually like all about food like y’all don’t even know i’m obsessed like i always think about food and that’s another reason that finnerman helped me because a lot of my patterns were wired around food a lot of my coping mechanisms a lot of my comfort came from food so this has kind of been helping me kind of challenge the

Way that i deal with things and also helping me realize some of those unhealthy patterns so i think the first week my average calorie intake was two thousand twenty calories a day this is an average and given my level of exercise my bmr is fifteen fifty which is really low but that’s because i’m super short so basically it just tells you your calorie needs first

Based on your activity levels so i probably work out four to four out of seven days a week and sometimes every day of the week but most likely i do about four to five days of exercise a week for about an hour so based on that it says i need around 2200 calories a day to kind of be where i am and subsist so the first week i was actually on vacation so that kind of

Made it hard but i still logged everything that i ate and you know tried to stay accountable and that’s one thing i’ll say if you are gonna lose weight and have it be sustainable you probably need to count calories or find some way that works for you to measure your food intake because it’s definitely you you eat more than you think you’re eating and a lot of times

We eat with our eyes so i know i definitely do but anyways the second week i had an average of 1714 calories a day so it went down and then it went to 1896 for the average of the third week and then my fourth week this week was average of 2,400 and 22 so part of that has been me not being focused and another part has been you know just feelings and depression and

Things like that it’s crazy how your mental health will follow your physical health if you feel really good mentally you typically feel good physically too so that’s just kind of you know what i wanted to share about finnerman this is a 37 and a half milligram tablet and what they give you is a 30 day supply to take one every morning by mouth my doctor actually told

Me that if i found that too strong of the of an effect that i could half it and take half in the morning and half at lunch i was doing that and after about three days i realized that the effects it didn’t work as good because i was still getting hungry so taking the whole thing at once seemed to be what worked for me but a little bit on the psychology of finnerman

And weight loss drugs in general the thing is you know for sustainability sake this is not going to be something that works later after you take it it’s kind of like it helps you while you’re on it but it doesn’t help you afterwards so you have to change your eating habits and your what you eat and how much you eat in your activity levels and kind of gain a better

Awareness of what is kind of making you overweight i’m definitely a like i like myself more now even though i weigh more so as far as body positivity goes i think that came a long way because i used to like still not be happy with myself even when i was like 135 140 and i would just like bash myself and look at all my flaws and now like 175 which is really pretty

Overweight for my height and i am like i mean you it’s it’s not everyone can be a perfect physique i definitely want to lose weight but i think this time i want to lose weight for the right reasons in number one being like my health and also number two being like the way that i feel because when you’re overweight you don’t realize but you’re you’re kind of sick

So you’re walking around if you’ve ever walked with someone who’s overweight or you know been to kind of a strenuous thing with them or been to like an amusement park you can kind of see them start breaking down before everyone else especially like the huffing and puffing and the breathing and you know the being tired and wanting to sit down that’s just kind of

You know you’re it’s hard on your body to have extra weight and it’s hard on your your organs and your muscles and pretty much everything so i’m a firm believer in you know you shouldn’t be super super overweight but also you shouldn’t hate yourself if you are overweight so i think that’s kind of where i’m a moderate on the line of body positivity now i think that

You know no one should be bashed because they are overweight but at the same time i don’t think it’s good to glorify being huge or being 3 or 400 pounds there’s nothing you know sexy or brave about it i think that you know there’s parts of your life where you’re not always going to be super fit and that’s one thing that i was able to come to terms with was that you

Know maybe this is the phase of my life or you know other things are going on or i’m starting a new career or i’m traveling or i’m in a new relationship or whatever life may be this is the face of my life where it’s not as important to me and then maybe i come back to it later but i think that having a habit of being aware of what you eat in a habit of exercising

And being super physical as much as possible is the best thing to do as far as sustaining weight loss i will say that for me i’ve never been able to easily lose weight i’m 5 foot tall so that’s another issue is that when i do gain weight i gained it all in my face in my midsection so it’s definitely noticeable for me to gain a lot of weight but at the same time i

Think that the biggest part of me who’s wanting to take finnerman now is like okay let’s just get this weight off and get some better habits and kind of jumpstart a life change i just kept starting over again and again and i think that i was having other issues that weren’t related to food and weight but i was kind of like using food and weight to deal with them

So at the end of the day i think that this is kind of one of those experimental things i’m gonna take it for another 30 days so today started my well actually i think tomorrow is day 30 officially and then i have another 30 pills to take and i’ll probably make an update video after that as well i will say that i drink alcohol while i was taking this finnerman and

I don’t think that i should have done that because typically when i drink i start to like it was same as everyone you know you you kind of go a little relaxed on your your fitness and your what you’re eating that day so the days that i drank i found that i didn’t want to workout and also i didn’t want to eat healthy so i think if i would have just cut out booze i

Probably would have lost even more weight so stay tuned maybe y’all drink a little less maybe but i will say that even though i drank i still logged all my calories and so i think that’s a big part of it is staying accountable but as far as finnerman goes the biggest problems that i could see with it are a tendency to rely on it and then not change your habits and

Then gain all your weight back and also another issue probably is the probability of you becoming addicted to it which sounds kind of crazy but this stuff makes you feel good like you take it in the morning you’re like ready to go i’m like i’m gonna clean the whole house no i was on my hands and knees like earlier hand washing the floor like what it was insane and

I was like what are you doing but i was like oh it took my my my upper a few hours ago and it’s kicking in so i think that that feeling is good for exercise and being active but you kind of have to build that habit so that when you are done with the thinner mean that there are other options for you i don’t think that it’s a bad option i do think that before you

Try something like finnerman you should probably just try to count calories first i had done that several times and failed for about six months and it wasn’t a failure on the part of calorie counting it was my failure of not being able to stick with it so this is kind of my tough love kind of thing that i had to do to myself but anyways i hope that this video was

Helpful and maybe not too big of a waste of time but if you are taking finnerman just be super careful and listen to your body and and you know kind of figure out what is the right amount for you and if you’re just getting into exercise you know take it slow and also just know that you know it’s probably one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to

Go to the gym regularly or find some kind of habit that you can get into but anyways yeah that’s it for this video guys thanks so much for watching and i will keep you posted on everything else that’s going on

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Phentermine for Weight Loss – 30 Day Results By Hella Bella