February 1, 2023

Candygirlcece spills the tea on how she was able to achieve massive weight loss with the prescription drug phentermine!

So what’s up booze it’s your girl candy girl cc and i am back with yet another video for my channel yes yes i’m excited too so before we get started if you like me and you want to see more content from me make sure you like this video also if you want to keep up with all the videos that i put out make sure you subscribe to my channel so as the title implies this

Video is about phentermine so benjamin is a weight loss drug it is prescription drugs so you have to either get it from your doctor or if you’re like me you’ll get it from a weight loss clinic i’ve gotten it from both places before now what’s so amazing about phentermine is that it is a weight loss drug okay and um yeah you just take it and you lose weight and

It’s crazy so the very first time i took phenomena was probably about five maybe six years ago and let me tell you honey i lost dinner than 35 pounds in about a week and a half what yes i am not lying like i literally the fat literally melted away from me it was so crazy like it was so crazy so let me tell you a little bit of the story about it so i actually was

Trying to get b12 shots so that’s what i wanted because i heard b12 shots help you to lose weight so i was looking for b12 shots and i found this place it’s called americal weight loss clinic for those in california in the bay area so when i went there they have a nurse practitioner or an lvn or some type of nurse is down with you and then she asks you a bunch

Of questions and they try to determine what your goal is and um i told her i was trying to lose a certain amount of weight so she told me they have the b12 shots which are pretty inexpensive but i’m gonna save that information for another v uh another video that she told me she had detail stocks but she also told me she had the drug frenemy and she was like i’m

Telling you you know you’ll lose weight with this in conjunction with the b12 socks you’ll just see the that melt off and i was like okay so you know what i guess i’ll give it a try well i wasn’t very happy about the price because your first visit to america weight loss clinic is like 200 maybe 180. i want to say 225 but maybe it’s in between 180 and 225 dollars

To get a is it one month or two weeks i can’t remember i want to say it was a three to four week supply our phenomena came on that and i got a b12 shot so they have different types of b12 shots but i just got the one that was more directed for energy versus weight loss because i was like you know i’m already paying 180 bucks i don’t want to spend another 25 on

A b-12 shot and this is supposed to work so that’s what i opted for i did that so the plan that she gave me she basically told me that i needed to maintain 1200 calories a day while being on the pheny so i’m like oh my god normal clerk intake is 2 000 and my ass loves to eat so i’m probably close to like 23 2400 you know how the am i going to survive off of 1200

Well that’s the thing about phenomena it actually curves your appetite so it’s an appetite suppressant so basically um yeah i just stayed behind 1200 calories i did not number one i did not eat healthy so i was still at dell taco i was still at this i was still at fast food but i was still out whatever i ate my thing is that i just did not exceed like my daily

Caloric intake for whatever what so even if i did go to del taco i had their um the fries with like the chili on top of it say those are 1800 calories with the fries i would only eat like 600 calories worth so i’d only eat a third of the fries or i would only eat you know a quarter of the fries you know what i’m saying and that’s how i maintain it so i did that

The entire time i was on it i maintained the 1200 calories the entire time which was pretty hard but then it wasn’t too hard because like i said phenomena takes away your hunger so i took a pill in the morning and i took half a pill in the afternoon and what are the side effects well first of all it makes you really thirsty so you’re gonna drink a lot more water

Because it makes you thirsty and the other side effect it has is like the first couple of nights it like kept me awake like i could i could tell i don’t know if it was in combination with the b12 shot or what but it kept me awake so i basically would just be like up and having a hell of a hard ass time getting to sleep and that didn’t last very long i was on it

For about i took it for about two weeks and then um so that probably lasted like the first three or four days something like that so those are the only side effects they have so i’m noticing like and i’m not the type of person who can just say i’m on a diet and i’ll step on skill like i literally have to step on the scale everyone and when i tell you from

Day one every single time i stepped on the scale honey i was losing weight i was losing so much weight to the point that i had to stop i had to stop taking it because i was like oh my god i just see my thighs just like whittling away in front of me it was crazy i was like oh my god i found the answer i never have to be fat again no honey that is definitely not

The answer from me was not that magical drug i was hoping that it would be but for the first time i took it it was so literally i went from 170 pounds down to 135 in a week and a half up to two weeks taking victory that was a z and i mean no exercise honey no freaking exercise it was literally taking the drug so yes like i said i thought i found the magical

Mystical drug that would make me skinny forever that was the first time i took it so then like let me see how far later uh i’ve taken phenomena about four or five times and i tried to take it like the weight lasted a long time that’s one thing about feminine that i can say like honestly the weight doesn’t last the weight loss doesn’t last that long um but the

First time i have to say it lasted like a year at least like i kept the weight off for at least a year so then i’ll try to take it a year later and lo and behold i took this it and like nothing happened like i was like um excuse me i’m still fat here like what’s going on mr frederic you promised me abuse kitty like you did last time so basically i think the first

Time i took it it was just like a shock to my system it was a new drug my body was unfamiliar with it so it really just like took on all the properties that the drug is supposed to do so but i think once your body builds that tolerance it’s not able to you know what i’m saying like just freaking do the same thing it did before so the second time i took it i

Didn’t really see any weight loss to the point where i don’t even think i took it for a week i didn’t even take it for a week i was just like okay this isn’t happening like it did last time i’m just not gonna take it so the second time was a failure so then the third time i took it i actually um i had a doctor friend and he prescribed it for me so that saved me

A lot of money so i think um i used um i just went to a walgreens and i fulfilled the prescription he gave me and i spent like 35 40 bucks which was amazing compared to the 200 or the 180 that you have to spend um when i go to the weight loss clinic so that was amazing honestly i cannot remember whether or not i lost a lot of weight or not i think i lost weight

But it wasn’t anything substantial enough to make me be like oh magical frenchmen i love you it wasn’t anything like that so then i recently took it i took it last year 2019 i took it in like october of 2019 and i lost 20 pounds in a month which is more normal which is more healthy which is like like a normal fenrir but i’m telling you as soon as you stop taking

My i shouldn’t come sorry back i don’t know what it is it’s just like but that’s with no exercise but i mean you know maybe if you exercise and you’ll keep the weight off more um so i definitely recommend it for people who have never taken a friend of me before if you’ve never taken feminine before i definitely recommend taking in front of me if you are in a

Situation where you need to lose like weight quickly i recommend taking photo ring like say it’s your wedding day and you have like a month to lose two dress sizes to get into a dress then yeah phenomena is good for that but just as far as overall weight loss and this is what my doctor friend really told me he was like it just it doesn’t stay off with vitamins so

Of course diet and exercise oh i’m so boring are probably the best ways to keep it off but that’s not what i want to hear i don’t want to hear that i want to know all the cheating ways all the easy ways to lose weight let me know so if you know drop something in the comments because that’s what i want to hear about i don’t want to hear about diet and exercise i

Don’t want to hear about it anymore because it’s too hard i just i can’t even get myself to exercise let alone change my diet but i’m down to do other stuff except for surgery that’s the only thing i’m scared of i’m i want to be bl but i’m so scared of a bpl but that’s a whole another topic that’s a whole nother topic anyway yes so yes that’s my story with in my

Love affair with phentermine the weight loss drug okay so thanks for tuning in you guys this is my little video just describing my experience with phenomena for those who may be interested who may be considering it or who don’t know anything about it i want to just look it up first before they take it themselves yes that’s my story if you like this video please

Give it a thumbs up yes thumbs up and if you want to keep up with more of my um videos and content that i put out please subscribe to my channel because laura knows i could use some subscribers fashion okay thank you oh yeah and if i can find some pictures i’ll try to throw some before and afters at the end if not sorry okay bye

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Phentermine: I lost 35lbs in 2 weeks!!! By CandyGirl CeCe