June 3, 2023

My 2 week phentermine journey update.

Hey y’all hey it’s your girl monty c coming to y’all with another video with what i buy y’all will know so today is going to be a phentermine update i know i am behind but let’s get right into it so this is going to be my two week update i started phentermine june was it 22nd i think it was june 22nd i started offending me so i’m going to give y’all what happened

In the first two weeks so um let me backtrack i first want to say i think in my first video i told y’all i was 286 pounds on day one but i was really 284 pounds i went back to the app that my pcp uses and i went back to my charts and i was actually 284 pounds and also when i lost weight the first go around when i had inserted that picture in my first video that

Was in my 20 i was in my 20s and that was just dying an exercise that you know i didn’t lose weight with any medication nothing like that i was just metabolism changing my eating habits and exercising so i just want to throw that out there um but yeah let’s get into this phentermine so in two weeks uh let’s start with symptoms um my first symptom was constipation

I did have constipation like um after the first week i experienced constipation i just took some um miralax i took miralax and i also took a prebiotic to get me going so it worked so i’m good to go on there on that aspect i’m i’m regular now and a second symptom i had was dry mouth um i still have dry mouth to this day um i just drink water all day long i have

A water cup that i carry with me and i’m always drinking water um i have really no no craving for juice or anything all i want is water cold water um so i do drink water a lot another symptom was i did experience anxiety uh for like two days and i didn’t understand where it was coming from um i’m in a 15-minute group on facebook and i read that a couple of people

Experienced anxiety so i don’t know if it was spent to me related but i did having high anxiety for two days um but it only lasted two days and i could not figure out what was wrong so i’m just going to contribute it to the uh phentermine what was another symptom i had constipation dry mouth anxiety um of course not eating because i didn’t have the appetite um i

Didn’t have any cravings didn’t want any sugar any sweets like i said i didn’t want juice so that’s a good thing um i know some people experience not being able to fall asleep um i i guess i take mine so early in the day that that night time is kind of wearing off so i didn’t have any troubles falling asleep like i go to sleep you know my time since i’ve been on

It so that wasn’t a problem for me um and then and like i said what i did notice that if i took it early like seven o’clock i didn’t notice it kind of worrying all about like five six o’clock and when and when i say wearing off i mean i would get tired i look i like i would start to get sleepy um my energy like i could feel my energy slowly declining throughout the

Day but i guess that’s normal i mean i’m taking a seven o’clock in the morning and then it’s six o’clock that evening you know i don’t expect defensive means to be having me going going going all day and i think my last symptom is after a week i did notice my energy level changing so like that first week after i took the pill like i could feel my energy surge like i

Could feel it increase but like after that week i’ve noticed that after i took the pill like my energy my energy boost didn’t come like it did the first week so i don’t know if my body just got used to it or what but i did notice that so yeah those are all the symptoms that i experienced while being amphetamine for the first two weeks um sorry it’s a plane i’m going

Back but yeah those were the so those were the symptoms i experienced the first two weeks weight loss so i did change my diet i was eating less i was working out more and in the first week i lost five pounds i went from 284 two two seventy nine i had lost five pounds at 79 yeah so i went from 284 to 279 so i was feeling good i was like oh yeah this stuff working

I’m good i’m losing weight i’m feeling good but then so a lot of events happen right um my kids went away for a week so me and my husband i thought we went out to eat twice uh celebrated birthdays at my job going out to eat uh what else happened i got a new job celebrated that went out to eat so a lot of events have happened in the first two weeks that maybe

Caused me to go off track a little bit but i can’t say i didn’t gain i didn’t gain any weeks i’m still down five pounds but i have lost a hell of inches i’ve lost a lot of inches and i’ll insert a picture somewhere but i have lost a lot of inches and technically i have to wait um the first time i lost a lot of weight i think i only lost like 25 pounds y’all but

I lost so many inches that it looked like i had lost more weight so i’m just assuming that’s how my body operates i lose inches quick and when you see the pictures you’ll see what i’m talking about so you know i’m happy with that um i’ll show y’all what i look like in the mirror at 279 pounds versus 284 pounds so y’all can see like a slight difference um i have

Noticed my clothes getting looser i’ve noticed me having to tighten up my bra a little more um i’ve noticed my arms i mean my arm’s still big but i’ve noticed them like slimming out a little bit um some days i can see my collarbone well not right now but i know that i can see my collared on a little more i noticed my face kind of slimming out a little more um

Just small changes i’m noticing yes i’m still big you know i’m still big but i i do know this little slight changes so like i said this is just this is just a two week update so i probably do a month update after this and i probably i probably do monthly updates going forward but yeah i just wanted to get something posted so i could just update y’all because it’s

Almost been a month already um but yeah like i said i’m at the standstill right now i’m still at 279 um like i said well i probably i’ll probably elaborate more in the next video but a lot of events have happened that has caused me to have to go out to eat celebrate blah blah so i haven’t lost any more weight since then but i’m just gonna focus on the first two

Weeks i lost five pounds and then on my next update i’ll liberate more on what’s been happening but yeah i just wanted to update you guys um the next clip would be um with me will be me in the mirror so y’all can see like what i look like and maybe compare now to the first video so y’all can see the difference but yeah so let’s go check that out so this is what

I look like now um i had ran out so i just threw this on but this is my stomach um i’ve noticed my pants are getting my pants are getting looser these pants used to like fit me like around my stomach they used to fit me around my thighs tighter so i have noticed that so you can see the extra-ness right here uh i noticed my arms the little fat piece right there is

Getting smaller i noticed that because y’all i i don’t i don’t play it on my workouts i love working out y’all i love working out so if it’s one thing i’m gonna do i’m gonna work out i may not eat right all the time but i will work out so i i’ve noticed the workouts have been working and i found this girl on youtube and i will put her youtube channel below that’s

My girl i love her workouts so um i’m gonna put her info below but yeah i love her i think it’s like glowing with glow or glowing with gloria or i don’t know something like that but that’s my girl so i’ll link her below but yeah i’ve noticed my arms i still got that grandma that grandma arm going on but i have noticed it’s a little smaller but yeah my weight

Loss i noticed it more in my stomach and in my um in my waist i’ve noticed my weight loss so yeah so this is what’s going on look at that y’all these pants used to be tight around my stomach now look so yeah i’m happy i ain’t complaining so yeah i just shows y’all what i look like now in the mirror and i also want to apologize if this video feels rushed but i

Really just wanted to get something posted just um so y’all can know how i was doing you know i just wanted i just wanted to get an update out there so sorry about that but yes like i said going forward i’ll probably just do monthly updates um because i don’t weigh myself weekly i try not to because sometimes the number on the scale can be discouraging if it’s

Not going down and in your mind you’re like oh i’m not doing anything but really inches you know you can lose inches and not lose pounds so you know i try not to weigh myself every day of the week or every week so like i said it’ll be monthly updates yeah that’s all i got for y’all but thank you all for tuning in shout out to my new subscribers and uh shout out

To everybody that commented on my last video if i hearted it that means i read it so yeah thank y’all for the comments i’m glad i’m not on this journey alone so continue to keep me motivated continue to keep rooting me on like i said i’m taking this slow and steady you know it’s not a it’s not it’s not a race um i’m just taking it day by day and yeah i go to the

Doctor the end of this month so hopefully she renews my phentermine i’m hoping she better so i hope that she even does my friend to me because like i said i do want to be on this for at least three months straight so yeah that would be that would be in my next update probably but yeah thank you all for joining me joining me make sure to like comment and subscribe

Uh share my video if you like yeah thank y’all thank you thank you thank y’all but until next time i’ll holla bye y’all

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Phentermine Weight Loss Journey | 2 Week Update By MoniiCee