May 29, 2023

Funds so if you don’t have the mucus or bicarbonate ions your gastric acid can attack your own epithelial cells and surrounding cells and tissues so that’s when we get that ulcer why cuz all these cells are being digested by your own stomach acid and again we did cover those peptic ulcers very nasty very of sore looking very red and inflamed so we did cover hello

Back there pylori last lessons again remember a bacterial kept bacteria can cause ulcers but there are actually many other causes we did cover stress as well so nsaids those ants non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs so non-steroidal remember those three hexagons in a pentagon that’s a cholesterol background backbone so things like corozal hydrocortisone those are

Anti-inflammatory but they’re steroids these drugs are not like course all life because they’re not steroids they don’t have that four ring backbone so things like aspirin ibuprofen naproxen these are all nsaids because why they’re anti-inflammatory but they’re non-steroidal so these ensei is so why do they sometimes a gastric effects so as you might say like if you

Have ulcers your doctor might say hey lay off on these ibuprofen aspirins and whatnot because why did they tell you to do that well al home falls prostaglandins and game prostaglandins are those eicosanoids those signaling molecules that your book says our hormones but they act more in the local fashion then again remember hormones can potentially travel anywhere

In your body or will throughout your or more specifically your circulatory system whereas prostaglandins they’re more of a local thing so prostaglandins cause inflammation so this is again why they’re at you might want to take a tennessee you want to reduce prostaglandins so you reduce the symptoms of inflammation but the thing about prostaglandins it doesn’t just

Involve inflammation prostaglandins also increased gastric mucous secretion so prostaglandins cause inflammation and then all the pain and redness but they’re also important for making that mucus so the thing is that process also decreased gastric acid productions actually protective in your digestive system they’re going to cause more mucus to be produced and

They’re also going to make your stomach acid listen acidic so you have less ill effects from gastric acids or less potential of gastric acid from digesting your own gastric epithelium so there inversus enzyme again that ase dead giveaway cyclooxygenase core is cox co x4 brew short this is an enzyme but what does it do specifically well these are the enzymes that

Make prostaglandins so what do you think how do you think this is related to nsaids so nsaids are cox inhibitors so they inhibit this enzyme so things like aspirin inhibits cox the cyclooxygenase so if you have aspirin if you inhibit the enzyme that makes prostaglandins what happens to your levels of prostaglandins it’s going to cause them to decrease so if you have

Decreased pot prostaglandins due to an insane being you’re you taking some n say it’s going to decrease inflammation instead of causing inflammation again this is why you’re taking this anti-inflammatory drug you want to reduce the symptoms and pain and swelling and redness and fever that comes with information but the thing is that instead of increasing your gastric

Mucous now you have less of that protective gastric mucous so you have less of the protective barrier in your stomach but what happens here it increases the gastric acid so now i have less protection now your stomach acids become very acidic so now i have less protection and more acidic so what do you think this does to your risk of ulcers less protection more acid

Well yeah at the aspirin they’re less mucus why because again m stays inhibit cyclooxygenase that reduces the amount of prostaglandins prostaglandins are what you need or actually increase mucus secretion so if you inhibit it that’s going to decrease mucus production and it’s also going to make gastric acid you get more acidic so this is this is why things like

Aspirin i profe in this is why they tend to cause ulcers if you abuse them or take a very high dose why because again all duty to inhibiting cyclooxygenase and drastically reducing your prostaglandin production in the stomach there is a the co-worker just pops aspirin lee candy and he’s like oh i always have these ulcers i’m like lay off like freakin aspirin why

Cuz again all due to the cyclooxygenase and prostaglandins so you might have seen this drug or you might your parents or grandparents make you take this drug prilosec or the generic name is omeprazole so this treats peptic ulcers and gastro esophageal reflux disease and it’s a proton pump inhibitor sound familiar right so provide prowl sick what does that do all

The way down to that parietal cell remember the prior cell generating that this is where you get the hydrochloric acid from so remember high carbonic anhydrase combining carbon dioxide and water to form a bunch of carbonic acid carbonic acid dissociates into protons and bicarbonate so then what do you have here that proton pump remember that proton pump is what

Actually moves the protons from the inside of the pariah cell to the insides of your stomach so again prilosec omeprazole that’s a proton pump inhibitor so instead of allowing this to happen it’s going to block it so if you have my result now we have blocking of the proton pump kandice protons can these protons actually move into the gastric glass nope so again

If you inhibit that proto’s proton pumps you can’t move these protons into the insides of your stomach so what does that do to your gastric acid and your insides of your stomach well it’s going to decrease acidity why again you can’t move the acid from the prior cells to the to the inside of your stomach alright so again gastric acid again if you want to prevent

Those ulcers maybe you want to take prowl sick so take prilosec what does that do and here it takes protons out of the equation that’s the acid in this protons this acidic in the gastric acid so now you have the reduced chance of ulcers by lowering the ph i’m not lowering ph ooh begin at rookie mistake so by raising the ph and lowering the proton concentrations in your gastric acid

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PHYL 142 | Digestive | Peptic Ulcers & Omeprazole By doctorj808 – Anatomy \u0026 Physiology (A\u0026P) with Dr.J