June 1, 2023

Do you have trouble cutting your pills in half? Do they split uneven?

Okay this movie shows you how to cut a 1000 25 milligram tablets or any other size of tablet in half have the ones here are a little difficult they always break up and uneven pieces and if you cut them in half you want to abs and not like 1/3 and 2/3 and those kind of things now i’m gonna show you a little trick or how i found this works the best it’s not a hundred

Percent foolproof but i made a large progress there and let me show this to you on this little pill is a number on there or a text and i don’t know how good you can see this i’m gonna try to focus a little and the contrast is a little bad here because it’s a white pill and how to film low no it doesn’t work good but never mind the numbering on there if you cut

Across all numbers it will break uneven you have to put the pill in here and the way that you cut in between those numbers that makes the most you can cut let me show this to you and i’m gonna do the whole week here for my patient here and let’s show this i want to see if i can show that’s what i cut here this blue cutter there it goes two halves very nice so

This will be our sunday monday tuesday tuesday it is okay now let’s try this again there’s another one and yeah that’s the only trick with this is cut between the text and the numbers with a good fill color here you see that it’s the text now what i also found out if you align this now in here nicely and then i move it around to close it then it might move again

End you know doesn’t align another percent with those numbers i’m trying to film this year but there’s a little player from those slides see if this one did not work good even though i cut in the right angle it will be a birthday for the patient or wednesday huh okay but we don’t want to race this medicine don’t take a new pill for the next day it’s a little bit

Of work but if you have high blood pressure then it’s calming work just sit down take your time there we go look at this see that in half if you have ever done this before then you know how difficult this is and i hope this video helps you trying to cut your own pills in half a little bit better i also found what helps is we have like about the residue from all

The pills back here if you take those out everyone so and clean this thing that would be also helpful wine looks very dirty because this little microscope camera picks up on everything here align that right and then we do the next cut and there we go in half i see that a good cut good cut it’s the friday when we have one left the saturday yeah mina we move this

A little bit to make it cleaned underneath now you wonder why my pillow cara is so dirty you can wash this thing in the dishwasher if you want what is not good for the blade but you could or wash it underwater in this case here my patient is a dog and it’s going to be fine you know if they lick there but they don’t need it super clean in this case very good there

We go look at this clean cut as you can see so this method really works i wish you good luck with cutting your pills and let me know in the comments below how you like this what your experiences or if you have a bad better method maybe you have a better method to do this i’m eager to hear and write and share this with your friends if you can and yeah there’s not

Much more to say look at it great alignment yeah you know to cut and it will be great i got it here last cut for sunday next week see that in half wonderful okay thanks for watching

Transcribed from video
Pill Cutter | Cutting Atenolol in Half By mygiguser