January 27, 2023

Dr. Bates discusses questions about soy, plant-based estrogen, Tylenol, spironolactone, estradiol, and menopause in her ongoing journey regarding her health! See the links below for more about plant-based estrogen. Below also are references regarding: Tylenol may have emotional-behavioral impact; Estrogen and cancer risk, and Spironolactone and menopausal acne.

Hi it’s dr bates again i got some great comments on my previous video and i’m so excited to be with you again i’m planning on doing this once a month about this time of the month so the soy milk and why i jumped from estrogen to soy milk so i had some questions about that um and you know it’s there’s just so much information and i am a medical doctor md but i’m

Not uh i’m not a specialist in and i don’t want to you know i’m not declaring myself as a specialist in in estrogen soy milk but there is a lot of information done by the nih and others about plant based estrogen my daughter who’s also a doctor and she’s um getting a masters as well in public health and she provided additional information and i’m putting that

On all those links in this youtube video in my previous youtube video on uh i missed my estrogen it was that video was called there’s a number of links if somebody wants to deep dive into soy um i had got a question about well what about cancer risk there there is a cancer risk issue so if there’s a family history of cancer uh that needs to be considered i am

Fortunate i don’t have a family history of cancer that i know of so i don’t think about it really uh thank goodness but if there is a strong family history of cancer and your internist has said oh say stay away from soy or minimize soy then minimize soy stay away from soy i don’t have that my channel is called my health and it’s actually about my health because

I can’t be all doctors and i’m just a woman who’s going through life and is concerned about my health but as i think about my health i think i have a i think i i think i can weigh a number of things wisely and and bring that to you the things that i’m considering so see the links below if you want to learn more about soy milk also one person had a comment about

The concern i i expressed about young men in soy milk and that that individual said there isn’t that’s just not um there’s a lot of misinformation about out there about that so there’s link you can re do a deep dive now let me go on to the next topic i want to talk about my health and my estrogen what i’ve noticed in the last year and a half is a lot more

Aches and pains and i’ve been reading about estrogen and i find that estrogen is receptors are all over your body and when menopause happens and after menopause people can have a lot more aches and pains and low back ache and to me it feels like some little alarm or switch went off on my watch and said oh time to get old now like my body is just saying oh it’s

Time to get old now and in fact cells do have that time to get old now a little switch and they get old and but um so that helped drive my desire to for for balance with estrogen and um so i went to soy milk why did i go to soy why did i go to plant-based estrogen because i don’t know about you but i don’t feel like going to the doctor that often so i avoid

It and i thought well let’s see what i can do before just jumping on hormones that i don’t you know it’s in the middle of cove and i don’t feel like running over the doctor and so and i try to do things natural rather than a bunch of medicines for myself i’m actually not on any routine medicines and i i do take various supplements and so that’s why i jumped to

Plant based estrogen other plant-based estrogen products that i use um flaxseed chia have i noticed a difference i don’t know you know it’s um i wouldn’t expect a big difference you know this make a little difference i’ll tell you what’s made a little different for me for me my health i actually started tylenol twice a day and i just feel a lot better i did

Tylenol rather than another type of nsaid which is a uh like rather than a leave or ibuprofen for me because um i don’t know if it’s for some reason with the tylenol i have felt a more wanting to take it in some straight subjective way plus i think i wonder oh gg did that’ll leave give me my stomach ache is it am i a little dizzy from ibuprofen but i never

Had a problem with tylenol well i looked that up and tylenol is actually one of the health what are the uh broadest safety profile medicines now that being said you cannot overtake tylenol meaning you can take over take tylenol don’t take too much because it’s bad on the liver you don’t want to over take tylenol ever but you know they have these recent studies

About tylenol um people can be a little less risk aversive on tylenol so it has it might have a minor psychological effect now we know that opioid type medications do i mean they just clearly do i don’t take those i would never advise taking those um unless you’re dying of cancer that’s my opinion you know try to get off of it um but if you’re dying of cancer

Or you’re in the middle of childbirth and the the doctor says here’s a little morph you know that’s what my doctor told me and that like helped at that moment but otherwise i don’t do opiates but the point when i wanted to tell you is that it has a mental effect it affects mentally so tylenol i’ve started taking tylenol twice a day i don’t have the same amount of

Chronic pains and so that’s worked for me now i want to tell you a little bit further i used to take spironolactone for acne and uh spironolactone so it turns out because my dermatologist said this you’re having you’re having a perimenopausal outbreak and i started getting kind of like cystic kind of things here and and he said we cystic meaning like scarring

With the with the um acne and i was already on a antibiotic type of thing so the doctor said take the spironolactone well because it it blocks androgens which are male hormones because women have male hormones comes from the adrenal glands a little tiny bit of male hormone and it blocks it so i was on the spironolactone so i was on that a long time along with

Another medication for acne and i stopped those like a year and a half ago and um well now i was thinking wait a second so i was i i was i work at a hospital and anyway so there’s this patient is a transgender patient so and he was on she was on male female on uh estradiol and spironolactone why because alarm lactone inhibits male androgens male hormones it’s

Been a year and a half ago i stopped my spironolactone so i thought wait a second and why did i stop the spironolactone spironolactone has side effects it’s a it’s a prescribed medication it can cause potassium to go up and it can cause dizziness um upset stomach and other things and i thought i just want to get if i don’t need it i’m just going to get off of it

Well now i’m thinking wait a second i this was like a magic pill when i first started talking taking it i told my daughters i said i found something that eliminates hot flashes when i started taking the spironolactone now my hot flashes i’ve had for like 20 years okay started in my late 30s and um so i thought well maybe i should go back on the spironolactone

Because and i don’t know i haven’t talked to my doctor about it but i thought well hey if it’s going to cut down those androgens and i took it for many many years in the past and it helped me with my hot flashes before and now my hot flushes are sometimes kind of wicked at night then why don’t i get back on it and i have some of it left so i’m um i might do that

Now the other thing is so estrogen replacement right that’s the elephant in the room well why not estrogen replacement well i refer you to your doctor about that but as far as myself i don’t have a uterus and i don’t have a cancer risk that i know and except face cancer like squamous cell things relatives but i don’t have a body that face cancer is not um i

Don’t know if it’s time it is actually tied to estrogen when you can’t put estrogen like on your face people you can put estrogen on your face don’t do that um and it it helps fine lines and all kinds of things but it also brings skin cancer so you don’t do that right so i don’t general i don’t have a type of cancer risk that would kill me that i know about so

Because skin cancer when it’s a squamous cell it ruins your skin terribly but it doesn’t kill you so i am interested on getting back into estradiol and i mentally made i mean not getting back on but actually taking oral estradiol and my daughter the doctor says go do that because it’s actually shown to be life prolonging and that’s where i am at my health i’m

Putting some links below it’s just like a journal this is my little journal with y’all okay thanks

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Plant based estrogen; Tylenol for menopausal related symptoms? What about Spironolactone, estradiol? By My Health