March 28, 2023

Pharmacy counseling video for Plavix® clopidogrel.

Hello this is aaron from the pharmacists network this video is about plavix plavix is manufactured by bristol-myers squibb the generic name for plavix is clopidogrel plavix is available in 75 milligram and 300 milligram tablets you’ll want to store this medication at room temperature plavix is taken to prevent blood clotting in patients who have had previous

Heart attacks and strokes and for patients who are at risk for heart attacks strokes and any other cardiovascular diseases it is also taken for patients who have poor circulation preventing blood clots will increase your chance of surviving a cardiovascular episode such as a heart attack or a stroke plavix is an antiplatelet agent this is medical terminology for

Preventing the formation of blood clots the ability for your body to clot and stop you from bleeding is very important at the same time preventing blood clots from forming inside of your cardiovascular system will increase your chance of surviving a heart attack or stroke formation of blood clots is a complex sequence of events taking plavix will help slow down

The clotting process we recommend that you take clopidogrel at the same time every day this will help you to remember to take it you can take plavix with or without food there are several drug reactions involving plavix so be certain to tell your prescriber and pharmacist all of the medications prescription over-the-counter and supplements you are taking avoid

Taking prilosec prevacid or any medications in the family of proton pump inhibitors double check with your prescriber or pharmacist if the if you are unclear in this class avoid taking medications that can increase your chance for bleeding like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs check with your prescriber before taking these only take aspirin with clavichord

If your prescriber has instructed you to do so if you are planning on surgery you may be asked to discontinue plavix for several days prior to surgery be certain to tell your surgeon or your dentist that you are taking plavix women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should be aware that plavix is in pregnancy category b so use plavix during pregnancy

Only if clearly needed plavix can be passed through breast milk some others will either have to discontinue breastfeeding or discontinue taking plavix make certain that your prescriber is familiar with your medical history tell your prescriber of any bleeding conditions you may have had in the past such as a stomach ulcer when you take plavix you will bruise bleed

More easily nosebleeds are more common so you may need to use a nasal moisturizer if you get a nosebleed from dryness you may want to consider shaving with an electric shaver instead of a razor this will reduce your chance of nicks and cuts if you have excessive bleeding or bruising follow up with your prescriber there’s a small chance of a rare of a potentially

Dangerous condition this is a very rare blood disorder known as ttp if you are taking plavix and you develop purplish spots on your skin or in your mouth if the whites of your eyes look yellow if you are feeling really weak or tired if your skin turns pale your heart rate of quickens you have shortness of breath your speech changes you feel confused have any vision

Changes nausea vomiting or diarrhea a severe headache blood in your urine or stool you will want to call your prescriber immediately or just go to the emergency room if you have any unusual or concerning symptoms it is best to just call your prescriber if you miss a dose of plavix then take the missed dose as soon as you remember if it is almost time for your next

Dose then skip the missed dose do not take two doses of plavix to make up for miss dose if you accidentally take too much medication call poison control at one 800 – 2 – 1 – 2 – if there is a suspected overdose apply vyx go to the emergency room overdose may result in bleeding complications and will require immediate medical attention you will know if plavix is

Working when you have your blood clotting time tested this test is called your prothrombin time inr and pt slash inr or inr you may be on plavix for a short duration or you may be on products for the rest of your life keep taking plavix unless your prescriber instructs you to discontinue the medication we hope this video helped you understand clerics if you have

Any more questions please talk to your pharmacist thanks again for stopping by the pharmacists network

Transcribed from video
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