February 8, 2023

We played Squid Game In Real Life with 20 Subscribers to compete for the cash prize of $100,000!!

We brought in 20 of our subscribers to compete in all six of the squid games for the cash price of 100 000 at the end of each game every player that fails will be eliminated and has to face an extreme punishment we are about to play squid game in real life who heroes watch squid games we are going to be playing all six of the squid game the first game is red light

Green light and you guys know what happens when you move when you’re not supposed to right because everyone here has signed a death waiver so when you guys hear a green light you can go but when you hear red light you have to stop and if you move you will be eliminated everyone here will have one minute to cross the finish line i’m here because i haven’t been

Posting twice a week a lot of these guys look weak so i expect to win this thing haven’t even watched the show yet let the game player 213 eliminated green light red light green light red light green light red light green light red light so what i didn’t tell you guys is the winners of each round get to punish the losers who wants to punish the losers every

Single person let the publish begin these are the remaining contestants and the second game that we’re going to be playing is the squid game honeycomb candy challenge we’re all going to be given a random shape and if you carve out the shape perfectly then you move on to the next round but if you break your shape then you get eliminated five minutes begins now

The shape is still good oh really 257 passes wait wait wait wait why does mine look weird wait let me see it let me see how am i supposed to carve this out wait let me carve it let me cover uh what is this it’s a rocket ship it doesn’t look like a rocket ship wait i did it number 357 passes hey how do i carve this out i don’t know how to carve this out

There we go i think i got it player oh 30 seconds remaining it i got it player 218 and 444 pass these are the losers of this round and do you guys want to punish them yeah so it is now time for the third game of the squid game tug of war there are going to be two teams of six and each team is going to be handcuffed to the rope the objective is to get the

Other team in the pool and if the other team falls in a pool that team is eliminated you guys have one minute to find your team no no no no no come here come here yo what the hell man you guys are definitely gonna lose bro now we’re short of players yeah wait what i’m playing oh no they’re definitely going to win because alex ain’t moving so the other team may

Be stronger because they have alex and jonah however we’re gonna beat them using strategy we have one person on each side and for the first 10 seconds we’re gonna have to rub underneath our armpits and we’re just gonna hold out and lean back all my signal we’re all gonna start pulling we have the most reliable and the smartest person in the front and we have the

Dumbest and the strongest person in the back all right cool you guys already know what happens when you lose you get punished wait wait wait wait why am i getting punished i’m the host who thinks i should be punished definitely yes yes ladies hit my line it got all over my hair i think i look pretty good keep in mind these players are only here competing for

100 000 because they’re subscribers so if you want to be in our videos one day and hang out with us then all you have to do is subscribe we are now down to only six players and before i explain the rules to the next game you guys have one minute to pick a partner oh we should team up oh why do you want to be my partner because we’re both asian can we see matt

Where do you want to be my partner i’ve always been a big fan of james charles oh my god so now that you’ve picked out your partners you’re each going to be given 10 marbles the goal is to take all 10 marbles from your partner and you have 10 minutes starting now we’re going to play the otter even marble game except we’re going to bet all of our marbles in one

Game otter even even are you sure are you sure i’m sure so we’re gonna roll one marble and whoever gets this closest to the wall wins hey it’s okay you’re gonna lose anyway even or odd odd one two three four five six seven eight i win we’re about to play the final squid game and because it is an odd number we are going to be playing rock paper scissor

And the loser has to be on a team all by himself rock paper scissors shoot so this means the girls are all teamed up and they will be playing defense and brian here will be playing offense if brian gets pushed out of bounds by the girls and the girls win however if brian manages to get past the defenders and grab the briefcase on the bench then he wins girls what’s

Your game plan today is the day we prove that women are stronger than men go girls the woman will never be stronger than men and brian what is your plan to get past the girls what’s my plan they’re girls i’m just gonna walk by them three two one i was raised not to hit women but y’all ain’t women to me you know the only right thing to do is split the money

Oh wow such a good guy holy that’s a lot of money look it’s james charles click here to learn how to make the squid game honeycomb and click here to watch us plus 100 myths in 24 hours

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Playing SQUID GAME In Real Life! By Stokes Twins