February 7, 2023

Thanks for watching this video. If you have watched it in full, you can see how helpless we must feel. My wife and I have been doing what we could to get the word out to anybody that could help, but still, no answer. Hopefully, you or someone you may know could shed some light?

And you good enough when she first got home after he broke but three days at home i was beginning to think that she was going back to transition into it for months that same only takes at least six months rolled sentences are getting this burning sensation that burning sensation yeah but happen house cleaning after the fugu that’s a month about about daisy for my

Babe bertha the end it got so bad she was going to therapy but the people over there she’s supposed to go in front he gains it really though every other day have something he’s him to come today’s a little bit just too much barney got water so she hadn’t stopped there and she just commanded with baby ok and then since then what were y’all doing at it i mean the well

We’ve started looking for different medications that might help primary care provider here gabrus numerous medications she started out when she came home from hospitals these lot and then they put a monthly and hydrocotyle total earnings that things are bad and we try to open very different nothing was helping area to try want to do such a gleek it wasn’t helping

Her with a stop it go to something else now she’s on the 66 loves three psychiatric drugs and flirt but someone of different specialist trying quite an answer is where i’m kicking horse of course we look they made no surgeon and cutting them and felt that she had something called here they’re homeless disease and we looked at they match inducted here in town and

He’ll the earphones disease and at that time people some serious heavy duty meds they not use 25 milligrams morphine a very much i’ve heard and he thought that even twice about the good ol so he gave it a series of epic rules we don’t really help and said he had one last thing to try and try to murder clock shop and that seemed offered her some wheelie but before

That would sort a vascular surgeon in covington he thought choice and slept lockage and related or something because of this plan there was no blockage that could be causing this so we got the american mafia her gynecologist checked around in which women nerve the gynecologist wanted somebody who will get the spin doctor checked it out and gynecologists checked out

Asap any pendulum it’s a female murder badly that wasn’t offering the problem so that was literally air flowing simple vespa surgeon 1118 ad blocking tonight grenades we’re still trying to find the source for aspiring painting because his getting worse and worse for her about a day and so we start cooking with ice days and she was sooo many types of allah guided by

Jesus 50 disco i couldn’t keep them proved she comes in watch for how much so few sites page all over she said not with a paddle general malaise and that heavy work of those days and after an hour sub sheet about to bed and lay down and then our so she keep burning little bad and i got the rotten owner hand and this but on her period weeks and since the doctor who

Did the nerve block shop seemed that may be found with problem was he recommended that naughty try trial spinal cord stimulator and that ended up being done almost a year ago i haven’t gotten watch 30 last year the trial boy lasts about three days on the glass diversity know you’ve sworn severe all these medications shooters are these are creatures from you have

Protection of course was leaking little bear all right so each certain taken out but we thought leaders helping her so we’ve said before any permanent implant in speculation and so the implants they put in you’ve only the you know that there’s a button that you could press in this was the maker brain was it a brain that well she has a battery it’s implanted in the

Back to sd charge of the race but that matter has lead he’s going down to be preserved areas in this permit was installed i think from the help coil five areas fine closest i had to burn as her friend and she has a handheld remote and her stimulator has student programs and a little different programs she can alter the voltage make me stronger weaker she can alter

The pulse width she can all do we wait so there’s a lot of various maybe i am so a couple days after the term install going to hold the burning sensation all what i’m like there she started feeling cold by pushing suing the burning he hunts mobile and so cold start west be getting worse just like the very best really enjoys it is this is cole pretty good another

Body in the past eight inches lace and middle there any pants they said the motaba you got eight different gamepad plugged up again kind of time could talk then sometimes she changed poop what happens more things he would give her some relief well one by one of the programs stop giving her anything and she’s at the stage with it now where it’s under the last

Program i gave her any relief she doesn’t alter anything all she does is charged the battery she doesn’t change this between the upper right there after that the cold problem surface we kept looking for an answer that there was a group in texas if you a lot more about z these types of diseases than maybe it will admit it it was the tier vi park r-texas institute

For research montgomery and he said that you have uh portrayed in slidell your august here you know sweet girl lutero venues and she did we ended up going to useful because my check make sure the ended up driving bautista we had a fantasy about your pet annoyed there and he’s at the memorial common hospital in north texas just wanted to tears would he was in the

Office and i use dear sir so that that would happen this lady’s awake methods help that they look i mean when you’re drawing and i mean she’s in the car for flowers man no sleep and affectionately because i in the back seat it just it’s still even that two hours that was too much when they do if you can’t the pain was too much bride says see all its top of the

Hotel like every two hours different hotel i believe leaders stay in the car with the engines on it and i’ll have a baggy pants i cook you a road but he heads out to bed once i got all that stood up in a ticket it’s a four different me to a corner for nights to get the duck season here okay sorry and that’s about it only a 78 i arrived today so we saw him and he

Thought that she might actually called horace greeley but due to disease this also noted crps on payments in them he said that if they were the case didn’t make it second he later cross with alexis ford my comfort again go home two full days we had his other trial stimulator could him and couldn’t say enemy but before the bushing hit for him knocking their wanted

To try something we’ve got a he can you have to turn the thing off the two weeks turnberry moto two weeks see what happened i think he want to see if the barney come back look area so she turned it off two weeks running never come back polzin in worse because she i think she lasted maybe nine or ten days and she’s been simple but not time we call him and ask you

She turned back on he said so she did so she had to suck at trial and implant them but adopted harrison said good and she’s left it in for me they didn’t help at all so talk to dr. sharia the neurologists over here and she said that she being with dumper to know in houston that maybe she is feisty so she was just working how many medications we ended up seeing a

Psychiatrist movement commander he said that the definite option hearts be considered right now there’s a lot of the vets coming back from iraq and afghanistan authority any thought that that seriously would put bad so now i got weed out there saying they think so you must adopt some of his friends to anybody there the trigger for this means told us to get online

Internet you know speed process up yo sepa findings will see them so we found in horace video is due to tampa does a four day i became frequent florist afford a trip to we can stay over to meet the angels this honey r is it a van ride asleep in the advanced that way you could clear on the back so wish you have an area to lay out but still two hours yet stop and in

Those same thing go ahead and check the road and go upstairs beyblade yeah so there was sucking on a monday possessing not before him on a friday because it’s khaleesi i down patients he explained to her that this may or may not work that he wasn’t entirely sure that she had rsv but that the decision really leave it up to us maybe development system broke down there

They start treatments on monday the four days on friday you go in for consultation so all in all this is a three week trip to go to tampa to do this ship leaves of four hours a day he’s idk my treatments and we did not help at all so he said he thought she might have something called buerger’s disease hastily convicted looking at her feet the things and thought

These fish diseases so we got home and we had a vascular surgeon see her the same one who did before he handed grams and mushiya no she doesn’t have murders disease without have multiple sclerosis i had lupus not have fibromyalgia we’ve seen probably over 24 different doctors specialists nora surgeons you’re obviously trying to find an answer about four weeks ago

Buddies developed a new problem mr. clemmons focus of all and she goes a regulation those swings feeling to get head and after about a week that request to sneaks thanks for looking she started getting more susa nation’s most of their imaginary things that are feeling things along with her nervous system things and she’s continually getting worse every day with

These installations so edited emotions behaviorial hospital tanner there’s making good spec ops i get hospital for seniors took the layer so that they could look at all the medication she’s taking maybe eliminate some and if she’s getting too much of something you just like thinking somehow he’s for medicaid for something they did some of the i slowly bringing

Someone back she’s been there for about 10 days and they don’t think she’s getting it better yet i think you would also mention is she playing when she gets out that you might go try to get a brain ct scan and i’m happy the next step thanks for taking the time to watch this video you really appreciate it we made it in hopes you know the reach out for answers if

You or anybody else has the information they could help us out with this we’d really love to hear from you and thanks so much please help on three mafia bed yeah

Transcribed from video
"Please help our Grandma feel better." By John Purser