February 1, 2023

Prescription drug abuse and pregnancy and breast-feeding prescription drugs have many benefits for the people they are prescribed for consultation between an individual and their healthcare provider is an essential part of treatment with these medications prescription drug abuse however can result in devastating effects these effects are particularly concerning

We’re pregnant and breastfeeding women are concerned this podcast provides essential knowledge about prescription drugs their effects and how you can introduce the topic in your practice with families and offer support hi my name is angie kim and i’m from the mothers program at the hospital for sick children and i’m here today to discuss on the identification of

Prescription drug abuse in am pregnant and breastfeeding women first of all the term prescription drug abuse refers to any misuse or non-medical use of a controlled psychotropic pharmaceutical drug in other word is to use up a medication for purposes which are not therapeutic many of these prescription drugs have psychotropic properties and some of the popular

Prescription drugs for abuse include opiate-based drugs tranquilizers stimulants and barbiturates opaque based drugs include medication use for pain relief with active ingredients such as morphine fentanyl oxycodone which is also marketed as oxycontin and percocet codeine which we commonly know as i’m colonel threes hydromorphone which is also known as dilaudid

Hydrocodone and meperidine which is also known as temporal tranquilizers include medication used to reduce anxiety and panic attacks and this medication include the family of drug known as benzodiazepines such as diazepam marketed as valium alprazolam known as xanax lorazepam which commonly known as ativan and clonazepam which is also known as rivotril stimulants

Or medication used to treat adhd and narcolepsy and they’re commonly also abused and they include medication such as dextroamphetamine marketed as a draw or dexedrine the methylphenidate which are ritalin or concerta barbra traits are used to treat anxiety sleep disorder and seizures and they also have an abuse potential and these include phenobarbital not only is

It important to know the different names of these medication it is also important to note dosages since many of these medication come in different strengths available evidence suggests that canadians are among the heaviest consumers of psychotropic medication in the world however data on the number of individuals who use prescription drugs for non-medical purposes

Is quite limited looking like exposures in pregnant women a recent study conducted on the neonatal hair and meconium specimens from at-risk neonatal population in canada found that the samples were positive for narcotics in 11 to 17 percent of the samples assessed many data indicate that non-medical use of prescription drug is increasingly becoming popular and

This could be for many reasons these medications are easily accessible you can get it through other people’s prescription order it from internet or even get it on the street they’re practically available everywhere they’re not are considered an illegal drug and people can claim to have their own prescription if they get caught these medication are in general

Cheaper than illegal drugs and there is this a wide perception that pharmaceutical drugs manufactured in companies are much safer to take then illegal substance produced in underground laboratories so what are some differences between therapeutic and non therapeutic use of these medication so unlike the medical use of the drugs abuse of prescription medication

Involves routes of administration other than oral so these people could crush the pills to snort it smoke it or inject it non-medical use often involves escalating and excessive dosages that may be taken in a binge pattern and also a non-medical use involved administration of other drugs such as alcohol cigarette combination of different stimulants and this type

Of consumption often leads to a deterioration of the users life instead of improving the quality of the patient’s life the key factor might be that the prescription abuse is solely controlled by the user instead of in a therapeutic treatment where the dosages and the length of treatment is controlled by the clinician and the patient again there’s no accurate data

On what percentage of pregnant and breastfeeding women use on medication for non therapeutic purposes but added to the many barriers in identifying this individual is the fact that there are no validated screening tools for prescription drug use

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Podcast – Prescription drug abuse in pregnancy and breastfeeding Part 1 By investinkidscanada