March 21, 2023

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I’m dr ravi from kukatpali endocrinologist today we’ll we are going to learn about pcos it is polycystic ovary syndrome in polycystic ovary syndrome women will have irregular periods and acne unwanted facial air body hair and also a hair loss from heads there will be difficulty in conceiving and usually they will be overweight and obesity with this polycystic

Ovary syndrome so what causes this polycystic ovary syndrome p pc in pco patients they always won’t work normally every month one oh follicle will enlarge mature and it’ll rupture releasing egg but in pcos multiple follicles will enlarge they won’t rupture and over a period of time these follicles will accumulate if you do a scan number of follicles will be

There so what are the symptoms of this polycystic ovary syndrome it contains as i told you regular menses acne and androgen futures like facial air and hair fall third one is irregular menses in background of insulin resistance these pco patients will have health related issues hormonal and other problems so they need to be evaluated if they are having

High cholesterol high blood sugars high bp other things they need to get monitored and get treated accordingly now we’ll learn about what laptops they need okay they need hormonal tests blood sugars cholesterol and uh they need to undergo some ultrasound scan abdomen with the ovaries okay these are the left as they need and what’s the treatment for pco first

Thing is weight loss if you lose weight around five percent that means from some four to five kgs fifty percent of people this uh polycystic ovary syndrome will resolve so weight loss with the diet and exercise is an important thing along with the lifestyle modification and weight loss uh some medications like birth control pills they will they won’t cure the pcos

But the thing is they will ameliorate all problems with the peaceful so if you use birth control pills your cycles will be regular your unwanted facial air will reduce so these are these birth control pills are good and they’ll protect uterus from cancer if you use those birth control pills another drugs are anti-androgens so they will block hormonal action side

Effects of these anti-androgens like aldosterone ah the thing is uh you need to monitor their liver enzymes and also there is a weight gain that means water retention in the body okay these are the two side effects for this anti-androgens another drug we use is metformin usually we use that one for controlling high blood sugars but the thing is those who use this

Metformin their patients insulin resistance will get controlled and reduced and leading to normalization of cycles and other things in pco patients so this can also be useful another one is individualizing problems the thing is if an elderly person will come with this pcos if their concern is only they don’t want excess facilitator so best thing is anti-androgens

If a married one comes with pco their main problem is uh to get reproduction that means to conceive to get children for them we’ll use ovulation inducing drugs if another unmarried comes with pco her complaint is hair fall and unwanted facial air we use some other drugs or local ointments to reduce facial air or laser these things so individualizing treatment

Depending on their problem is an important issue in the treatment of pcos now lastly can a pc woman lead a normal life yes sure the thing is whatever problem they are having there are good medicines and everything they can lead normal life with regular medication and regular doctor visit so don’t worry about

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) by Dr. Ravi K Muppidi By AED Hospital