March 24, 2023

How can we make a drug, used to help people with ADHD and ADD, in a rather unorthodox way?

Methylphenidate a drug used to help people with adhd and a dd but sadly also something that we make use of or some people make use of when developing crystal meth now this goes without a reasonable reason why but do not attempt to create this this is only to show that it might be an actual possible way to make it and by that we’re gonna be exploring possible

Science hello one the alchemical gamer here also known as alchemist fang lord now as well as someone with the problem of adhd or attention deficit hyperactive disorder i’m often put on the striction of having to take methylphenidate which everyone knows as ritalin however is there actually a possible way that we could make it at home well believe it or not there

Might be a chance that we can but it would probably not be something i will calm down that you do so we’re gonna be exploring how we can possibly make it with possible science now for the first reaction we gonna be having to do this little reaction and i know you probably say what is this even meaning well i can tell you first you have one part with toluene that

You later react where the piperidine to ola but for this reaction to actually take place you might want to get yourself into using some sulfuric acid which is where it might be dangerous and this is actually where we get our first product for this reaction which is called two pencil piperidine now this is this would be simple if we could just you know end it

Right here but nope sadly we have to do even more reacting and that takes an actual effect as we have to move this one for the reaction now and the next step is actually in the reaction we have here so what might h2 co3 be well it’s something that you commonly know in fizzy drinks or sodas as carbonic acid i might as well shrink this down a bit because you can

See technically see it but yeah you have to have the carbonic acid and here’s one of the problems carbonic acid actually goes in an equilibrium reaction to produce water and carbon dioxide so for this fact you might want to do the entire reaction itself and produce carbonic acid straight into the mixture and once again we have to take our friends of uric acid

Open up on their roll so we can produce another acid yeah we changed carbonic acid into something else namely ritalin ik acid so in this time we are not going to be needing so fewer gases for the final reaction because the third reaction is actually simply here and it’s actually one of the easiest reactions to do actually just to mix the simple little ritalin ik

Acid with methanol and this in the end will hopefully produce methylphenidate and as i said do not attempt to recreate this in your home because this is classified as a product for making crystal meth the only reason why i’m showing this is just to explore the science and show there might be a possible way to but to produce something like this at home so with

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Possible Science – Methylphenidate By The Alchemical Gamer