February 8, 2023

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The sodium and chloride disconnect and they become two separate minerals. as far as electrolytes, it would be potassium, potassium, out of all of the electrolytes, why do we need the potassium in such large amounts? that’s equivalent to 7-10+ cups of salad or vegetable every single day. there’s something in the body called the sodium-potassium pump. it forms a whole

Enzyme on the surface of your cells. they’re little generators that generate electricity in fact, 1/3 of all the food that you eat, you also have another pump in the stomach called the hydrogen potassium atpase. allows you to create stomach acid to help you digest. nervous system use about 60% of your body’s caloric intake of energy. amino acids, and other minerals

To allow them potassium is essential for building the pumps your cells have certain voltage that allows in fact, your energy that you have that controls it helps the muscles contract to relax because if you’re low on something in this pump and not going to relax the muscle, so you’ll get calcium, but we can’t fix it by giving you calcium. fluid, the transport of fluid,

The hydration since potassium is so hard to get in the diet and they’re not eating enough vegetables, i’m going to describe to you and you might have some of these. fatigue can come from a potassium deficiency your cells, electrically, are going to be way, way, way down there. the problem is if you try to take a potassium you want to get your potassium from food or food

Concentrates. have the endurance, that is a potassium deficiency. you’ll have an alteration in heartbeat problems, then overall, just energy in the cell to work correctly. in the stomach, if you don’t have enough potassium, again, the potassium is needed for the stomach, now that you know that, let’s talk about how you become deficient. you need to consume 7-10 cups

Of vegetable or salad a day to achieve this. i take a teaspoon of that, and that will give and a lot of other things to be able to spike surgery, when you get a surgery, what happens that’s why they always give you a potassium let me just grab this book right here, my it’s stress create a loss of potassium through the urine. because insulin is the hormone that helps

You absorb nutrients. cell, and that’s why your craving sweets, only acts as a trigger for the sodium-potassium that doesn’t get triggered, so you can’t absorb things. it’s very difficult to fix diabetes without if you have a lot of sugar, that’ll deplete potassium. diuretics, blood pressure, if you’re low in and you also have problems with calcium not moving in the

Correct places. channel blocker for high blood pressure, but there’s so many people that consume enough they get rid of electrolytes, your blood pressure stays high. the reason i’m not talking about salt is that than potassium and also people have a lot eat more salt than potassium, so they’re rarely deficient in salt. you go on a higher fat, low carb diet, what happens,

You will deplete potassium. so you can replenish the potassium and feel lot of water from losing a lot of fat, as by adding more potassium from the vegetable … it’s not the fiber. i just wanted to give you an idea of the most

Transcribed from video
POTASSIUM: The MOST Important Electrolyte! – Dr.Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC