March 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel bloated after a meal even when you didn’t stuff yourself? Certain foods and drinks — or the ingredients in them — can cause you to feel more bloated than others.

Welcome there’s nothing worse than putting on your pants and trying to button them and having a hard time you know what i mean that extra bloated stomach it happens in our skies as well as you girls and if you’ve been snacking on chips eating frozen foods or even canned foods as well as those cereals you are eating more sodium than you could imagine those cells

In your body start to retain more fluid it puts on more weight so when you go on the scale you think you’re getting fat and that bloating that’s going to be uncomfortable so i have something i’m going to share with you two simple things that you can do that within hours your bloating your trimming of that tummy is going to happen fast that bloating is going to

Go down and that excessive fluid retention that extra weight that you’re carrying is going to come off i’m sure you can relate to this one when you’re bloated you’re distended you’re filled up with fluid you don’t want to drink any more water why because you think that it’s going to get worse no it’s going to get better your kidneys are responsible for getting

Rid of the sodium in your urine and drinking more water will help flush out that sodium and you want to drink 8 to 12 cups a day because that will help flush that sodium out of your body and you’re probably thinking right now that’s a lot of water i can’t drink all that what do i do ah-ha that’s when you want to start eating those fruits and vegetables that have

A high water content such as those strawberries apples oranges lettuce cucumbers peppers watermelon healthy vegetable soups smoothies as well as healthy yogurts will all help the body get rid of that extra sodium and i want you to be aware that extra sodium can increase your blood pressure and this can increase your risk for heart attack and stroke and secondly

A little simple chemistry when you look at the cells sodium and potassium work hand in hand they’re like brothers and sisters so when your sodium levels are high that means your potassium levels are low and what does that mean you need to start adding more potassium foods and your sodium will become excreted very quickly and those foods that are rich in potassium

Are avocados sweet potatoes spinach coconut water white bees black beans etonami butternut squash bananas and dried apricots to name a few within hours your body will start to trim up as you start getting rid of that sodium that extra fluid but you must start eating healthy get rid of those processed and refined foods eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits drink

Lots of water do your exercise get a good night’s sleep but start reading the labels make sure you’re not eating that hidden salt in those cans the frozen foods and those packages and you will see great changes please share this video with your friends and family leave your comments below because there will be many and most important make it a great day i’m dr alan mandel you

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Potassium + Water = Flattens Stomach in Hours | Dr. Mandell By motivationaldoc