November 29, 2022

Pravastatin Dosage and side effect discussed.

Hi this is josh i’m a pharmacist with pharmacist here today to talk a little bit about pravastatin we’re going to talk about dosage and side-effects of this common medication first off what is pravastatin pravastatin is a medication used to lower cholesterol it’s from a family of medications known as hmg co-reductase inhibitors it basically it inhibits

A step in the body that where cholesterol is produced it’s in the family known as statins often referred to in the us had sold under the brand name probe a call so what do we use pravastatin for well for high cholesterol or high levels of fat in the blood hyperlipidemia prevention of cardiovascular disease and hypercholesterolemia all basically just saying we’re

Using it to reduce fat in the blood and that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular issues like heart attack and stroke the lipid theory is continuing to evolve all the time they’re finding not all fats are bad not all cholesterol is bad different particle sizes and things and so it’s always evolving statins are still standard of treatment for most people with high

Cholesterol but i think this will evolve as time goes by it’ll be interesting to see what studies flush out as far as cholesterol and what in heart disease and stroke risk so pravastatin dosage usually adults are started on the 40 milligram dose children children with the genetic disorders where their cholesterol is really high the doctor will often start them at 10

To 20 milligrams a day tablets in the us are available in the 10 20 40 and 80 milligram with the 80 milligram being considered the max daily dosage so side effects of pravastatin you know with the statins pravastatin does seem to be tolerated pretty well it doesn’t seem to have as many side effects as some of the other ones of course our common side effects headache

Heartburn rash nausea vomiting some effect on liver enzymes so your doctor will monitor labs – and of course your cholesterol as well as your liver enzymes to make sure it’s working and not affecting you muscle pain and of course there others are possible what we really want to watch for is that severe muscle pain you need to contact your health care provider right

Away if you think that’s happening the sooner the medication has stopped oftentimes a quicker those symptoms resolve tendon rupture can occur and others you know others such as hair loss and weight gain that happens in less than 1% of people but you know if you if you think you’re having a side effect be sure to contact your health care provider what about drug

Interactions there are there are a list of here of ones that we should consider benefit rate and niacin they’re actually used with pravastatin fair amount that can increase the risk of muscle pain and damage so it’s not that they can’t be used together it’s you just need to be extra vigilant let your doctor know right away if you’re experiencing any side effects

Cyclosporine can increase the levels of pravastatin clarithromycin that’s a common antibiotic in the u.s. sold under the name brand-name biaxin that can also increase the levels of privacy that seems to only bother people on the high dose to 80 milligrams typically taking clarissa myosin when you’re on 40 or milligrams are below it seem not to be an issue for most

People colchicine can increase the risk of muscle damage was privacy at and colchicine generally is for gout gout flares gym fit brazil will also see that used a fair amount with pravastatin just need to be mindful that it can increase the risk of side effects and you’d want to report that right away to your doctor red yeast rice that’s a supplement it acts in

A similar fashion in the body so that just because you have you’re taking two medicines kind of doing the same thing in the body that will increase the risk of side effects i appreciate you watching remember always talk to your health care provider if you’re having any problems or if you think you’re having side effects i’d appreciate it if you’d subscribe to my

Channel and if you have any questions if i didn’t cover what you wanted to know about privacy at and please asking the questions below you know try to answer it for you thank you

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PRAVASTATIN 10 MG, 20 MG, 40 MG Dosage and Side Effects By Pharmacist Tips