March 24, 2023

This video looks at Pravastatin side effects and what it is used for.It explores common side effects with Pravastatin.The brand name is Pravachol.

I’m dr john and this is think your health and in this channel we talk about all things health to keep you young and in this video we’re going to look at private statins uses and side effects coming up it’s prevastatin what is it used for prevastatin is a prescription drug used to lower bad cholesterol called ldl and raise good cholesterol called hdl it is also

Used to lower another fat called triglycerides it belongs to a family of drugs called statins brand name is pravacal how does travastatin work prevastatin works by blocking an enzyme called hmg coenzyme a reductase this enzyme is needed to make cholesterol in your body this way it lowers the cholesterol level in your blood how long does it take before pravastatin

Starts working this medication is in your body system within one and a half to two hours after oral intake however for its full effect it’ll take at least four weeks for changes to be seen in your cholesterol it goes without saying that this should be combined with lifestyle changes and a heart healthy diet how effective is this medication and according to studies

And i left the link in the description below with 40 milligrams of prevastatin daily total cholesterol can be reduced by 25 to 34 percent with a very consistent risk reduction of 24 percent of death from cardiovascular disease dosing an administration of privacy the generic tablet comes in the following doses 10 milligrams 20 milligrams 40 milligrams and 80

Milligrams you can take this medication with or without food typically you would want to start at the lowest dose increase the dose gradually monitoring for side effects this is especially true for older adults can you drink alcohol while taking previous data preferably you want to limit intake of alcohol as much as you can as it can increase the risk of liver

Problems side effects in particular liver problems will be discussed later in this video what should you not take with prevastatin do not take any rice east products this is because rice ease contains a statin and a combination with protocol can increase the risk of liver and muscle injury you should also avoid grapefruit or grapefruit juice with this medication

This is because it can increase the amount of the drug in your body and you will be prone to more side effects is lipitor and pravacal the same drug both drugs belong to the same family of drugs called statins but they are different medications the generic name for lipitor is autostatin and if you’re interested to learn more about eternal click on this link above

What are the common side effects of this drug all drugs may cause side effects the goal of this channel is to educate you if you’re on a drug how it works and what you might expect in terms of common side effects there will always be some people who have no or mild side effects and if you do have side effects call your doctor as soon as possible do not stop any

Medication without consulting your healthcare provider if you’re interested in other medications with side effects click on this link above common side effects and this list is by no means exhaustive muscle pain muscle cramps is the most common reported side effect and there are gi side effects such as abdominal pain nausea diarrhea and heartburn headache angina

Pectoris weakness and fatigue memory problems rash elevated liver enzymes upper respiratory tract infection chest pain i’ve left a link to the source article when you have to call your healthcare provider as soon as possible if you’re having problems peeing with swelling of your feet and arms increasingly fatigued these could all be signs of kidney problem if

Your urine becomes dark that is dark brown coupled with muscle pain and weakness and even a fever this could all be symptoms of muscle breakdown increasing your chance of acute kidney injury and this is also called rhabdomyolysis if your skin becomes yellow and a stool becomes lighter in color with combined with fatigue and weakness abdominal pain as well as

Dark urine this could all be signs of liver injury can you take this medication if you’re pregnant this medication is not recommended in pregnancy and if you’re trying for a baby you should stop the medication three months before you’re at an increased risk for birth defects what medications interact with prevasta here list of some of the drugs which can cause

Drug drug interaction there are many more and this list is by more means exhaustive talk your health care provider your pharmacist about possible drug drug interactions if you’re taking previous data and if you’re interested in another video click right here or click right here have a good day and think your health okay done i see the red light the audio battery

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