November 29, 2022

Pre-diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Menopause | Resources for Women Discover nutritional strategies for blood sugar balance

Maybe it’s the back fat right against your bra you all know what i mean so if that’s you i want to urge you that it’s not an exercise don’t go shopping for an exercise to lose the belly fat or an exercise to lose the bra fat and the back fat so we can’t spot reduce and really the problem is not the need for an exercise you’re depositing fat in certain places in

Your body based on certain hormones that are experiencing imbalance and i know a lot of people will say that’s not in balance that’s just menopause and this is true but what is an imbalance and shouldn’t be happening to us and actually didn’t generations ago but things have changed is that we have far more cortisol our stress is higher and that causes our cortisol

Levels to go up that’s the hormone secreted under stress that changes our blood sugar levels we become more susceptible to high blood sugar and that causes insulin resistance pre-diabetes is an issue that plagues a lot of women in midlife and is a lot of times the cause for depositing that fat in places where we never want it right not necessarily do we we look for

It but you’re depositing fat probably very differently than you did 10 or 20 years ago when you were increasing your weight and and we all went through those ups and downs but it’s probably different for you now stick around even if you haven’t had that diagnosis of pre-diabetes and consider this a friend of mine dr beverly yates is hosting a summit on diabetes

And you may think well that’s not me i don’t have that and yet the more you know about controlling your blood sugar levels which is really what this is all about the better off you’re going going to be and the more you’re actually going to have the problem solution benefit to the belly fat to that spare tire or that back fat and the bra line fat those come from

A certain area and we want to eliminate we want to minimize as much as we can the deposit of that visceral belly fat that becomes a real health issue and a heart disease issue for women post menopause so watch what dr beverly has to say if this resonates with you or with somebody that you love who do who does have a blood sugar issue has diabetes or has been told

You’re pre-diabetic this may resonate with you i’m going to put the link down below to join us for the summit the summit is free but the information you get will potentially be priceless welcome everyone to the diabetes transformation summit i’m your host dr beverly yates md here in the summit we have a wonderful lineup of speakers experts in various aspects

Of blood sugar control we invite the entire community of people who either have diabetes or people who care about people who have diabetes here we talk about things that are specific for folks with type 1 diabetes pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes type 1.5 diabetes also known as lada laden autoimmune diabetes in adults we talk about type 3 and some of the issues that

Precede dementia and alzheimer’s etc we have things for people who are older people who are middle-aged people who are younger and people who aren’t kids we’ve got the whole spectrum included here so welcome you are in the right place i hope you get a lot of benefit from this summit thank you for spending your time here foreign

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Pre-diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Menopause | Resources for Women By Flipping50