June 4, 2023

Learn how prednisone and immunosuppressants work, what are the most common side effects, how those side effects can affect a VKH patient, and how to distinguish remission and cure. Patients of other autoimmune disorders can benefit from this content as well.

Hey everyone this is anna from dr midnight and this is another video where i will talk about brand new zone and immunosuppressants and before i start this video i would like to say that uh well unfortunately last week i had to get it exposed to sunlight and well sunlight is not the best friend of a person who has vkh so next video i will talk everything about

That anna is this really necessary to make an entire video only on breaking zone and monosupressants yeah vk it kinda has its own universe however the side effects of the medications we use deserves its own chapter our good old friend prednisone or drop dead bread as i like to call it is a medication that is being used since the 1950s and it can be used to

Treat various various diseases ranging from simple allergies to our autoimmune diseases redness on belongs to the family of the glucose corticosteroids a group of hormones that are made by the adrenal glands and those hormones play a major role in our body because for example they can control our metabolism once we take prednisone our liver will convert it to

Redness alone a very important anti-inflammatory once we know all of this it then becomes much easier to understand why this particular drug has so many side effects since we use the drop dead brain for so long and in very high doses it can lead us to very undesirable side effects such as a lot of weight gain water retention and a glorious moon phase paint

Pose alterations in the sugar levels in the blood what job diabetics hormonal alterations as well women please be careful with your periods sudden mood swings anxiety even psychosis in some cases and believe it or not even cataracts in case of pregnancy long eyedrops but ana if i’m using this stuff to make my vision better why on earth did my ophthalmologist

Prescribe me this that’s because the anti-inflammatory effects of frenzone is quite strong and even though your vision may be getting whiter and wider with the progress of cataracts you have to understand this inflammation itself can lead to permanent vision loss cataracts however can be corrected by surgery and do i have to take credinism forever not really

For that we have immunosuppressants each immunosuppressant has its own different mechanism and therefore different side effects as well however they all have a few things in common number one just like prednisone immunosuppressants are metabolized by the liver so it’s very important for you to take care uh with ingestion of fat and alcohol that’s if you don’t

Wanna you know get vomiting and god knows what else number two they will make you more vulnerable to viruses bacteria and fungus so why did my rheumatologist prescribe me this again that’s because we have a disease where our organism becomes very very confused it begins to think that our own cells are enemies and that leads our immune system to be on red alert

All the time imagine this fire that’s very hard to control immunosuppressants are nothing more than the firefighters a subscriber has asked me if she would take immunosuppressants forevermore just like beekman used to say the mileage may vary there are people out there who get their remission in another few months or a few years others like myself may treat

Vkh for several years i mean i will complete 10 years of treatment in 2022. my doctors think that i have a classic case of vkh that means a syndrome that is very unpredictable and inflammates a lot and just a quick reminder for you guys there’s a difference between remission and a natural cure a cure means that for example let’s suppose you get a cold or flu

Or something uh you do some treatment for that flu or for the cold whatever and then you get rid of it remission however it doesn’t work like this imagine for a minute that we have in our body this switch that either turns our syndrome on or off whenever it wants when our syndrome begins to manifest its first symptoms that’s when our body turns that switch on

Ignition happens when our body simply decides to turn that switch off okay guys that will do for today and remember to leave that like and to comment here that helps youtube to suggest this video for those who really need it in the next video i will talk about skin and hair related to our particular alien syndrome bye

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