February 1, 2023

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Hello i’m dr. john sand a neurologist and an expert in myasthenia gravis i’m also on the board of the myasthenia gravis association of kansas city i have been revealing some treatments and medications for myasthenia gravis and i would like now to talk about prednisone and other steroids prednisone is the most common of the steroid pills that is oral steroids that

We give for my steamie gravis in fact prednisone remains really the main treatment for myasthenia gravis it simply works the best it is dosed in many different ways some physicians choose to start at a low dose and fill up slowly some physicians choose to be on a high dose for a period of time maybe two to six weeks and then slowly reduce the dose issue in some

Physicians give it one an every other day basis some physicians started a high dose every day and taper it down to an every other day no see now steroids help most patients with myasthenia gravis but it usually takes a little bit of time for it to kick in and start working usually at least a couple of weeks but it may be a month or two in the meantime it sometimes

Makes the myasthenia gravis a little worse of the first week or two in fact when i was in training and it’s getting to be a few years ago that i did that we used to admit patients to be observed for the first week when they started their steroids we tend not to do that anymore especially since we’ve been catching patients who aren’t as bad off and starting steroids

And so getting a little worse isn’t quite so worrisome now i still use prednisone all the time in patients it works as well or better than other medications but most of the time when you begin prednisone you’re on it for a long period of time at least months in often years prednisone has many potential side effects not everyone gets all of them some get none of

Them but most people get at least some side effects when you first start prednisone it tends to give you a little energy in fact some people have trouble sleeping during that time maybe a little nervous maybe some mood swings tends to increase your appetite and gain weight and maybe retain clothes long term it can additionally thin the skin it can cause weight gain

Elevation of blood pressure and blood sugar and it can thin the bones a little bit particularly in women it can also irritate the stomach and increase the risk a little bleeding from the lining of the stomach and this is just a partial list of the side effects of steroids both short term and long term you need to be very vigilant about anything that is a change

In the way you feel when you’re on steroids and make sure your doctor knows right away if there’s a change some physicians put patients on medications to protect their stomach while they’re on steroids i have not done that routinely unless the patient had already has a history of stomach problems but i always put them on calcium and vitamin d supplementation and

Have them back fairly often to make sure that we’re in touch

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Prednisone and other steroids By Myasthenia Gravis-KC