November 29, 2022

My journey with Prednisone weight gain. Here’s the suggestions the doctors gave to help with the weight gain. I still gained about 25 + pounds on Prednisone, but I really do feel like these things did help.

Hey guys so i always figured that it was about time that i uploaded this video my plan was to obviously make the video on sunday and kind of disperse the content and unfortunately um i was very sick and i actually had a lot going on on sunday and i ended up seeing a friend that i hadn’t seen in years so i decided that it would be good to basically spend some time

With her and like i don’t know enjoy a just community versus like stick to a designated schedule especially because it’s only youtube and it’s only social media versus like these are real human interactions so i figured that was a little bit more important so if you have a autoimmune disease most likely you have been on prednisone before um prednisone is the best

And worst thing that has literally ever been created so it is like this beautiful drug that helps so much and it is amazing and it is wonderful and it is just so helpful but unfortunately it has a bunch of terrible side effects that come with it and you know to include like irritability aggression weight gain irregular periods like hormonal acne due to that you

Can get something where basically it stops your adrenal glands from producing and i believe it’s called addison’s disease if you’re on a bunch of steroids for a prolonged period of time and then all of a sudden you get off of them your body can’t really produce what it was pretty sing before so i kind of just like shuts down your adrenal glands shut down um so

It causes all of these crazy things you know when the biggest tubing the aggression and irritability irritability and the weight gain now for me personally the weight gain is one of the worst things for me and so when i started the high dose apprentices i started on 80 milligrams of steroids which are prednisone and i was on that for i believe a few months and then

They started the taper down um i was 125 pounds when i started the prednisone and then i skyrocketed up to a hundred and sixty to pam now i wasn’t really eating so it was kind of like where’s all of this coming from and it was really hard for me to deal with that because i had no idea where like this weight game was coming from and it was so frustrating it was so

Overwhelming and it was so scary um and i started to feel super subconscious about myself my weight gain i wasn’t fitting into my clothes anymore and even if i was it like my face got super round and still i’m still dealing with a lot of the inflammation not nearly as bad as it was even a month ago but it was it was pretty bad and so i had the classic moon face

That everyone gets when they’re on prednisone and that was probably one of the hardest things for me because when you’re sick you you don’t really have like you tries to take away of the things it tries to take away the things that make you you um and for me like makeup and really fashion is really really something that’s super important to me that’s how i thrive

Especially clothes and like doing different things of clothes and like having fun with that that’s huge to me so it robbed me of that i was dealing with a lot emotionally um you know trying to to battle that and trying to accept what my body was going through and trying to accept that even though i was feeling better my body was gonna change a lot so really there’s

Nothing you can really do to avoid the moon phase or to avoid the weight gain you can be proactive obviously doing certain stuff will help um you know you’re not gonna make it any worse but so some major things that they told me was still work out you know you’ve got a lot of energy when you’re on prednisone and so i really made it a point to use that energy and

Make sure that i was working out um that all of this stuff was going on and i was still able to kind of get my daily workout in even if it was only 30 minutes the second thing is to watch a sugar intake sugar especially added sugar plays such a huge role in weight gain and it’s so much stuff that you honestly wouldn’t even believe that it was in i mean it’s in

Ketchup it’s in some mustards its install adressing it’s like in regular bread you know when you get like fresh bread baked from somewhere it usually doesn’t have sugar but if you buy it from like the grocery store it’s gonna have sugar and so it’s one of those things that you really really have to watch out for the third thing that i would say is she watch your

Sodium intake it causes you to retain a lot of water adding a ton of sodium into that as going or having a lot of sodium on top of that isn’t going to help your situation either it’s only going to make it a little bit worse we definitely say watch your sodium like that is like the one thing that i’m like no high sodium i’m out like high sugar like it was something

That i really have to stay focused you not really like i was super strict on it but when i got off of that when i was still on the prednisone i gained more weight so the first like month and a half to two months i had only gained i think like 10 pounds and then when i started being super non restrictive with food and the sugar and sodium intake my weight skyrocketed

Up to that one 60s and so it was really really hard for me but it did help like i literally like tracked everything and like those particular things helped so i would definitely say that those things were important once you get off the steroids definitely taking some time to get your body back in sync and making sure that your you know all your blood work is healthy

And you’re checking all about stuff with your doctor obviously but definitely making sure that you’re staying on track with the working out the you know eating super healthy and unfortunately like i mean obviously i still live my life and i still like have fun and do certain things even when i’m watching it while i’m on prednisone but it’s little things that are

Gonna make the difference and so that’s kind of what happened what has helped me the most so i was off steroids for a while and just like on random like spurts of like 20 or 40 milligrams so i’m back on prednisone 50 milligrams for seven days and then they’re gonna start tapering down every week from there um kind of bums but it’s gonna help my lungs as you can

Tell them like super raspy right now it’s super easy um and then we have a whole bunch of other mats that we’ve added on top of that and i’m also i’m so measure all injections and then an inhaled steroid as well so it’s just one of those things that you really really just have to be like mindfully and then also ask yourself like what am i putting in my body and

Is it nourishing and am i doing it everyday or might not doing it everyday and like i i know that it’s easy to get into a habit of going like well i’m sick so i’m just gonna live my life and i’m just gonna do this because i do it too and i’m like well it’s fine like i’m gonna live my life like it’s not gonna stop me from living my life and then i just go into like

This habitual circle of like just round and round of like okay i ate it okay feel even worse and then i get okay i’m gonna eat it and then i feel even worse and then it’s like so it’s like i’m never committing a hundred percent to the journey and that’s super common like it happens like we’re very frustrated we have a lot going on and so it’s just kind of important

You really just make sure that we’re trying to do what we can when we can and even though like we may get off-track it’s just super important to like get back on track and get refocused and rezone like we’re only human it’s gonna happen just you know enjoy the process like unfortunately this is our life and this is kind of the journey that we’re on and with like

This is our season like we’re just gonna ride through it like we have to continue to push and continue to go like life’s gonna go on anyway and so we just have to maintain it like a super positive attitude about it and just say like this is what we’re going dealt with like we can sulk we can do whatever but like skirt we’re gonna get up and we’re gonna move on and

We’re gonna continue to like maintain this positive energy because really that’s the only thing that’s gonna help us and trust me i am days where i’m like down and i’m like crying and i’m like out and i’m al for the count and i’m literally just in bed like in a ball going like i can’t do this anymore but i get up and i move on and like i have people who support me

And love me who are there for me and even if i didn’t like i’m here for me like even if nobody was there for me i’m here for me i have myself to be here for like my body needs me like my you know mental my brain needs me like all of my body is dependent on me so even if you don’t have anybody you still have yourself and you are so worth it and you’re so worth the

Energy and everything else that comes with it so i really hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week i will see you guys on sunday and i am super excited for this video and the journey that it’s kind of gonna show and kind of let you guys in a little bit on our journey so hopefully you do enjoy it as always it’s been such a great time if you enjoyed this

Video please like and subscribe to my channel so you can see videos kind of like this every week and i kind of i mean i’ll be in the video they kind of vary which i think is cool cuz life i like i’m not just one thing on a thousand different things at once so please like and subscribe and i really appreciate it and i hope you guys have a wonderful week hey guys

Welcome back i am so sorry for the way that i look right now this is like super real and super all what i look like without makeup and a ton of medicine and after work yeah this morning so i hope you guys enjoy this video and your

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Prednisone and Weight Gain By Jennifer Borrego