June 9, 2023

Many of the drugs prescribed for Wegener’s granulomatosis come with serious risks or side effects. The worst one for most people to tolerate is Prednisone.

People on drugs to treat wagner sir have to put up with some fairly serious stuff chloral phosphor my did cytoxan was the brand name is very very very difficult for a lot of people to to stomach and we may be sick but we haven’t lost our sense of humor cytoxan and a bunny rabbits from hell that was proposed as a name for a af toxic waste uh what do you call heavy

Metal band but the other most common drug that’s prescribed prescribed for people dually diagnosed with wet nurses prednisone and prednisone is one of those drugs that it is to reduce swelling it’s a form of steroid doesn’t make your muscles big and that but it does reduce swelling and it also causes some very very disturbing side effects one of them is you get what

They call moonface your your face puffs up another thing you get like it dowager hump on your your bath the fat lump on your back of the back of your neck you can become delusional there there any number of side effects and this is something that any person prescribed these bills should take a look at this is where the internet is a very big help to people because

You can you can dig into the the side effects of drugs and and get a better understanding of what they’re supposed to do and what what you need to be aware of and and they’re a good thing to use for tools for forming questions to ask your doctors why am i taking this one instead of that one and whatever questions like come up or why haven’t i been moved over to

This other drug which is milder as for your side effects an informed patient is a patient who’s in charge of his or her life and treatment anyway one of the things that i’m not particularly disturbing about prednisone was that i’d wake up at eleven o’clock at night i got into the kitchen i’d rearrange all the cupboards i baked a pie or make some bread clean the

House i go on like this i was a bundle of of energy until about an hour for bedtime then i go to bed and it would be a repeat of that thing i just spend a lot of time doing things it’s pretty distressing and another thing as i mentioned was the delusional thing i’ll go into that in a second tape because i have i have to locate a little green book i used to write

Things in when i was on the worst or heaviest doses of prednisone i called it my crazy book just for my amusement and perhaps yours i’m going to read it out loud some of the things i put in it i haven’t looked at it since i got out of the hospital in 2004 january 2004 because frankly it kind of scared me cuz i i remembered some of the things i wrote in it well

Let’s see if it’s funny or just pathetic that’s enough for now oh

Transcribed from video
Prednisone, As Experienced By The Patient By phainopepla95