March 22, 2023

This was a counseling I completed for my Healthcare II Lab class over Prednisone. One of my own critiques for this video was using language that was not patient friendly such as “GI” versus stomach or digestive terms. GI, meaning gastrointestinal was hard for my patient to understand.

Oh hi my name is liv and i’m the pharmacist here how can i help you yeah i am here to pick up a new prescription okay can uh i get your name and date of birth it is emily knowles november 1st of 1954. okay and i see you’re picking up prednisone today does that sound correct yeah i’m i guess so yeah okay and you have a couple minutes to discuss this medication

Yes please okay and no allergies that i need to be aware of no all right so it looks like um you are picking up prednisone today what did your provider tell you about this medication um it was because my copd was acting up um yeah having some issues so i had to go in and uh do something about that okay yeah so prednisone is um it this was indicated for your

Copd exacerbation um prednisone the generic name of it is prednisone the brand name of it is delta zone and you are prescribed 20 milligram tablets and this is what they look like you will be your instructions to take it are two tablets by mouth once daily for five days which will give you 10 tablets in total the best way um to take this medication is i suggest

Taking it um in the morning um once you’ve eaten this medication can sometimes cause gi upsets and so when you take it with food it can be better absorbed that way and prevent those uh gi upsets and also say it again is that like my stomach yeah yeah so um and taking it with food can help kind of prevent um those stomach pains and other gi upsets with it um you

Know diarrhea and things like that but it is it is pretty uh tolerated pretty well and but this will kind of help decrease the inflammation in your lungs it’ll help you breathe better um we know living with um living with copd can be kind of difficult especially right after an exacerbation so this will help decrease the inflammation in your lungs and and help

You breathe better and um this medication can be kind of stimulating so once again i would take it in the morning um you are on a higher dose 40 milligrams daily so taking it with food will help with those gi upsets and then also um it’ll prevent um it’ll prevent difficulty sleeping for you um at night if you do miss a dose um you don’t you don’t want to stack

Them of course but try to take it as soon as you remember you want to take it at the same time around every day just store it in a cold dry place you don’t want any pets or kids getting to it or anything like that does that all make sense yeah yep okay i mean it’s written on there yeah so okay and do you mind um repeating back to me some of the things just so

I know you understand uh so a little confusing on the instructions but i’m going to take two tablets at the same time yes yes okay it says two tablets a day but with this medication i would suggest taking both tablets in the morning this is a pretty short duration medication it’s only going to be five days because you are gonna get ten tablets and then two a

Day so five days okay yeah but i did have a question for you um so my doctor said it’s a steroid and i thought that steroids were like athletes um and they were really bad for you why would my doctor be giving me steroids for my breathing that’s a good question so steroid is kind of an overarching term for different kinds of steroids and while the term steroids

Has probably gotten a bad rap um in news and things like that this is a different type of steroid that um that you’re made that you’re referencing so this this is a good steroid and it is to help decrease that inflammation in your lungs so it doesn’t have it doesn’t act the same way that the medications do um like athletes take and things like that so they are

Two different types of steroids that’s a good question okay thank you clearing that up yeah and there’s nothing really to monitor with this medication you just want to keep it like i said cold dry place out of the hands of kids and pets so i can do that all right and if you do have any other questions um feel free to give us a call um we’re here to help you and

If you start feeling worse or start feeling bad you know check in with your doctor um you know pretty quickly like i said this is kind of a shorter term duration medication but if you have any questions feel free to contact your doctor if you do start feeling worse all right sounds good all right thank you for coming got it oh goodness

Transcribed from video
Prednisone Counseling Over Zoom By Liv Swonger