June 4, 2023

Don’t make the same mistakes I did!! Learn from my trial and error.

Good morning this is a journal for my battle with uveitis and taking multiple medications such as prednisone cell sept and methotrexate let me set this up right you talked about so basically i’ve had uveitis since 2017 i didn’t listen to the doctor until recently literally nine months ago i think i finally realized what my disease was called and started researching

It finding how to help it naturally and what medications people have tried and i’ve been searching for a uveitis specialist i’m currently seeing a good doctor been seeing one for a couple of years consistently my little journey basically but i’m gonna start this journaling because i want to help more people understand uveitis and maybe even prednisone because

I know prenez on is used for a lot of diseases to fight against them and it’s a it’s a hard medication to be on especially for as long as i have been and when i when i go through youtube i don’t see a lot of options is there’s a couple good ones but everything helps so this is gonna be my opinion and my my journey through this to this fight because i don’t think

It’s going to end anytime soon as i’ve been told as i’ve been hoping as you would wish you know so since 2017 i had eye problems i was i was working in a factory at the time and wasn’t wearing glasses i had pretty decent vision and then one day i came to work and i’d say it within a week it over a week span of a week i could tell my vision was decreasing rapid

Because we would have it we had a screen it was a posted up on the up in the sky you know count numbers because i was pushing out car parts we’re kind of factory you know it is so i was counting numbers and i could see these numbers from where i was standing every day every day it was the same thing and within a week by the end of the week i realized i can’t read

This tv anymore this is weird and the following week oh terrible vision i cloudy super cloudy i could barely drive i was not safe to be on the road so i handed my keys over to my parents at the time i was a 19 so then there was a point in my life where i wasn’t able to drive because i was legally blind and i didn’t know what this was and a lot of the doctors that

I was seeing were we’re not specialists to say the least they were just regular eye doctors so they couldn’t diagnose me was anything but i currently did not have my the keys to my car so i was pretty upset and my parents took me to multiple doctors down the chain you know one after another it was since then it’s been the same thing to be honest one after another

Constant doctor visits which i’m not used to yet i don’t think i’ve accepted that it’s been a couple years but it’s weird so so i was current i was a legally blind finally found a doctor who prescribed me some medication and from there on out my vision has been it’s been a battle i currently do drive thankfully and there’s a lot more that’s gone on so this is just

The first video of many letting you guys know that this is gonna be about uveitis and medication and these are my tips to help you guys not make the same mistakes i did

Transcribed from video
PREDNISONE DECAPITATED ME!!the headless uveitis patient By Daniel Casarez