March 28, 2023

Please note my feelings can definitely vary from everyone else’s! Talk to your doctor if you are about to go on this. It is a heavy duty one that I only recommend if you have severe inflammation. With that being said – I have no medical degree whatsoever. This video is purely for enjoyment.

Got myself some chick-fil-a today but forgot the chick-fil-a sauce sucks damn this looks like a good sandwich i up so hard by forgetting the sauce i’m very sick right now and i’m on this medication called prednisone prednisone is one of those medications that makes you feel good temporarily but there are just so many side effects headache dizziness difficulty

Falling asleep or staying asleep inappropriate happiness extreme changes in mood changes in personality bulging eyes acne thin or fragile skin red or purple blotches or lines under your skin slowed healing of cuts and bruises increased hair growth changes in the way fat is spread around the body extreme tiredness weak muscles irregular or abstinence menstrual

Periods that one’s gonna get me decreased sexual desire heartburn increased sweating some side effects can be serious now now these are the serious side effects those are just like oh if you get those don’t worry about them vision problems and by that it means like blurred vision eye pain redness or tearing sore throat fever chill cough or other signs of infection

Seizures depression loss of contact with reality oh that’s great this medicine will make you dissociate confusion muscle twitching or tightening shaking off hands that you cannot control numbness burning or tingling in the face arms legs feet or hands upset stomach vomiting lightheadedness irregular heartbeat sudden weight gain shortness of breath especially during

The night dry hat coughing swelling or pain in the stomach swung in the eyes face lips tongue throat arms feet so swelling just if you swell difficulty breathing or swallowing rash hives and itching i’m gonna show you guys what it’s like to be on an incredibly high dose of prednisone i’ve taken 70 milligrams in the last like 12 hours and every time throughout my

Day where i feel like i’m having a feeling because of prednisone i’ma let you all know i feel great there’s always this time when you’re on prednisone where you just feel like you’re bulletproof you can take on the world and that is honestly dangerous because half the time you wind up going out when you’re on it you’re like oh i feel fine i feel great wrong

Prednisone is just hit and it’s hitting good but it’s not good to be hitting good all the time my symptoms are like limited to a stuffy nose and kind of hurts to breathe but the mentality hella euphoric this is the time of your medication where you want to make sure you get all your stuff done that you need to get done because you’re going to be hitting those uh

Those real side effects later so you don’t want to have to be doing any work you want to get everything out of the way right now i don’t know why but i’m just getting so mad right now i’m not even doing anything i was laying in bed making a snapchat story and now i’m shaking a little bit and i’m just like i just felt myself get angry i was like i just uh i don’t

Know what it was i was talking about how i got chick-fil-a earlier and forgot the sauce in the snapchat story a little shaky right now usually when the side effects start to hit they hit like all at once a lot of the time my heart rate is increasing at the moment it’s been like 30 minutes since my last update and i’m getting kind of cold am i taking a turn for the

Worse it’s been like an hour i’m sad right now but it’s just the prednisone done being sad now i’m exhausted but i feel like there’s literally no shot i’m gonna be able to sleep tired but wired look at my eyes wide open inflammation in my lungs is starting to build up again i took it around 8 a.m starting to feel a little shaky you know what i mean also still

Kind of feeling that euphoric vibe as we speak my body feels kind of weird though kind of hyper aware of it feels like hold on let me think about this it feels like i’m on three hours of sleep but i’m not able to sleep i feel like i’m in the russian sleep experiment like my brain’s cognitive functions are declining but it’s just the way it is that’s just the way

It is y’all like my singing i like my singing i’m like holding my tripod like it’s my stepbrother asked me when i got here blank i didn’t even really understand the question

Transcribed from video
PREDNISONE FOR 24 HOURS – What It Feels Like and Side Effects By Nicolas Kratka