March 22, 2023

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So, i just got off the phone with a prednisone  warrior who was wondering if he could use his   stockpile of prednisone to treat a certain kind of  pain find out what i told him. in this live video   time ago and his doctor only gave him  a week’s worth and he was wondering hey   while i’m here in mexico i think i’ll stock up 

And get a whole bunch so that i can feel really   good the next time i’m not feeling that well and  so he did he got a whole bunch of boxes in mexico   and then he just barely had surgery on his feet  and his legs are on fire they’re really hurting   and he’s got a kind of like nerve pain and he’s  wondering can i take prednisone

For that? and if   so how much and are there any reasons i shouldn’t  take it and so here are my answers first of all   prednisone doesn’t really help as much with nerve  pain the kind of pain he was referring to is like   now it’s really hurting from the surgery this   of pain medicine and that’s my little baby  

Um yes and so prednisone doesn’t help with that  kind of pain so you wouldn’t want to use it for   that kind of a pain second how much would you use  well i wouldn’t use it for that kind of pain third   is why shouldn’t he use it right what would be  the reasons he shouldn’t use it and this is what   i told him i said that

I hear from people at least  yes about what they wish they had known  how terrible the side effects would be and if they  had known how terrible the side effects would be   said like what side effects i said well how   had any anxiety in the in your whole life or   terrible depression or terrible mania psychosis  all of

These horrible mental health issues and   that’s just the mental health ones what about um  osteoporosis having bone breaks um losing several   inches in height what about eye problems suddenly  like the list just goes on and on there’s 150 side  effects right guys and so i said taking prednisone   when you take prednisone you

Are getting something  wonderful in return for 10 horrible things and so   it could be worth it if that wonderful thing is  what’s keeping you from functioning like for me   take prednisone other people if they don’t   take prednisone they’re stuck in bed like they’re  bedridden they can’t use the bathroom on their  

Own they can’t do anything on their own and so  taking pronouns on is worth it to them but for   a lot of people it’s a good question is it really  worth it for you and that’s the conversation you   definitely need to have with your doctor you need  to understand 100 how beneficial prednisone will   really be for you before you

Can decide whether  all of those side effects are worth it and in his   case i can pretty much guarantee it’s not worth it  because number one his doctor didn’t prescribe it   he’s just going willy-nilly he doesn’t even  know what the benefits are and he doesn’t   find out what in your specific situation   if you want

To know more of the risks check  out my website   how to prevent the top seven mistakes that   off is dr. megan your prednisone pharmacist

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