March 24, 2023

Hey girl let me show you i don’t want that we might and it’s really embarrassing it’s really really gross how do i always get sucked into this oh my lord what is that how long have you had that wait a little while about three days girl and you hope using the doctor i’m afraid boy they’re gonna tell me i’m preggers make something wrong or bad i think your psoriasis

What’s that well you can get an idiot anyway well what can i treat it with well i’ve seen the stroke cart on prednisone let me tell you that i think that’s what they’ll give you now this drug is gonna make you crazy okay you’re gonna be hungry and i was not well are you ready no are you sure yeah well you can’t want to get if you’re pregnant if you’re pregnant

It’ll be passed through the breast milk and also it can go to the baby let’s see what else i’m gonna tell you you do you want to know about some things i’m gonna take it yeah i guess i should well do you have 30 minutes well your side baked these just maker and we not sir simply to reflux thrombophlebitis an evil ism gi hemorrhage pancreatitis thrombocytopenia

Depression mood changes headache hypertension tachycardia fungal infections increased intraocular pressure ocular pressure nausea vomiting diarrhea increased appetite acne we all have any poor wound healing petechiae athenian fractures osteoporosis and weakness and almost sounds like i should just deal with this yeah you have a lot but it is going to help you know

If it upsets your stomach just take it with some theater milk now if you miss the dose don’t turn off skip because it needs the same your system and keep your levels and high however if you do take it if it’s not close enough to your next days if it’s too close do you don’t take it just to play catch-up so don’t babble on no and you need to keep it room temperature

The way for moisture and heat so that we think you’re out there you can take your watch our name let’s go over this do you have diabetes no glaucoma no and gu have seizures no upholstery typical addicts no come on a cocktail you know read over these no peptic ulcers no i don’t either okay well now you cannot discontinue abruptly because if you do that you’re going

To go to adrenal process that happened see you don’t have to take her off normally you today so if you get a big dose of loading dose for the first few days and no taper you off wheels like maybe like one pill a day or something now if you go to the doctor your lab work can be a little crazy with you so you make sure you tell them that you’re on there duh get into

The beer market on monday the guys i don’t know i don’t know but you got an employee in alcohol lawyer taking prednisone and then i call you to start you out because you’re an adult pio 65 to 60 milligrams a day now that can be divided by black in the morning and not or three times a day now overdose symptoms more than likely you’re not going to ever do something

Else but long-term use camelina thin skin easy bruising increase acne facial hair possible means to remove or lock it just inspect and chase but not like that no so you just seem to be very pleased laughing they won’t be done okay take it sweeter meal where and i eat as a steroid user based your bed no it’s not necessarily but if predator but will we ever leave

Our medicines a weed alcohol don’t discontinued abruptly report nausea internet cf fatigue dizziness disney out weakness enjoy pain which are symptoms of adrenal insufficiency he loved about it and that’s a lot of information better session about moment even one man huh yeah it’ll get that nastiness out of there

Transcribed from video
Prednisone for Psoriasis By Katie Jackson