March 24, 2023

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Hi this is will from better you refuse to be feeble i tore my quads many times the first time was a bilateral quad tear my left right quad split in two and then the muscle fibers popped out and at the same time my left leg popped also clear off the bone and so what they had to do was stitch the muscle drill holes to the patella and weave the kevlar stitching

Through the patella and tie it off it hurt three weeks after my surgery while i was in braces my left one tore again wow and then four years after that i slipped on ice and what it did was re-rip my left quad why did it happen prednisone prednisone is a steroid but prednisone is a catabolic steroid this stomach steroids build muscle prednisone pulls muscle away

Prednisone also caused my jaw to crack just a few months ago and i didn’t realize it my pec tore why did it tear i just reached out and popped now this the peg tear usually happens out here but it’s a little bit of a tear in here why did that happen because what happens is my muscle is so strong and my tendons get kind of weak because of the catabolic steroid

So what happens is the muscle goes to contract the tendon says no but both times i went to have my legs prepared was dr cass dr cass is an orthopedic surgeon here in brownsville maine the guy is excellent on the pectare first thing he said was yeah tell her we can’t fix that though because there’s nothing to attach that to however he said something to me after

Each injury don’t stop training you so many people use an excuse i don’t want to train because i don’t want to tear anything and what happens is you can tear something just walking with my legs tore i was not exercising i was actually just standing there my leg gave way the second time was a freak accident i was just leaning on something and i slipped and it

Pulled the bone the third time i slipped on ice which of all of us in maine and north new england know what that is about after my pec tear all i did was reach and an odd thing it just happened however i mean what happened was i ended up losing force my tricep i could tell something was wrong but guess what i’m rehabbing myself and bring myself back i’m not going

To use an excuse to stop if anything don’t you think that this kind of enforces fundamentals and structure very good it does because you know i’m not playing my violin with all strings so what i have to do is work around it if i stood here you would notice it if i flex you would notice some of it a little bit but guess what i’m going to build it up and bring it

Back the same way with my legs i was not supposed to be able to fully extend my legs out and i can do it so what i’m telling you is that look you can use an excuse to set my prednisone or these different things will stop me from working out or this could happen that could happen you know what stuff happens however if you train and then it happens guess what your

Body’s strong enough to recuperate and come back now you said prednisone is a catabolic steroid which you said eats the muscle correctly eats the muscle now we had a comment a long time ago on a video this woman was very upset on a video we had about prednisone she said prednisone caused her to be 300 pounds her whole entire life even though she had only been

On it for the last eight years of her life so the biggest thing is people tell you all the time prednisone makes you gain weight they will also say carbohydrates make you gain weight and let me explain to you what the weight thing is i did a video earlier saying how i lost 15 pounds in a week if you eat say pasta pasta is a carbohydrate and a carbohydrate pulls

Two times its weight in water so when i eat the carbohydrate the water comes with it same way something salty is going to pull the water away and guess what happens i gain weight between my dialysis treatments i can’t urinate so when i leave dialysis i may weigh 220 pounds as i drink that day and the next day i could come in on dialysis the third day and i’m 227

Pounds is it fat no it’s water so they’ll pull those seven pounds off of me however it’s not going to make my body look any different i mean i’m not going to get a six-pack from it so the same way is with prednisone prednisone taking it doesn’t blow you up and make you fat prednisone what it does is stimulates the appetite which for dialysis patients that’s good

Because we lose our appetite but the thing is prednisone doesn’t make you eat ding dongs whole holes and chocolates you know prednisone just says eat i had a person before i was on prednisone it makes me crave salt so i ate potato chips why don’t you just salt some broccoli or salt your meat or people would sit there and say prednisone made me eat the chocolate

No it did not you choose what you want to eat and it’s up to you to sit there and say i’m not going to eat this guarantee you prednisone did not put 300 pounds on you that quickly if so something’s wrong you’re using that as an excuse if you go back and look at what you ate then you realized it was the food and not the prednisone any other questions please

Don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll be happy to answer you stay healthy you

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