January 27, 2023


Sorry i can’t take my mask off for this video.  i’m currently in the emergency room with my little   baby and boy was that waiting room completely  full. holy cow! it’s insane sorry that you can’t   see my lips moving but covet is high in my area  right now and they told me i’m not allowed to take   off my mask in this room. so,

I while i’m sitting  here waiting for results for my little baby.   and she wanted to tell me about her situation   and how it has completely ruined her life she said  taking prednisone has completely ruined my life.   only 28 and she wanted to know am i ever going   to recover and so i wanted to make this video for 

Those of you who are struggling on prednisone.   yes, there is hope you will recover there’s 150  side effects but most of them aren’t permanent   them you can recover from it takes time   but it should happen she was worried because she  was having mania and bipolar and racing thoughts   mind and now i don’t have a quiet

Mind.   that’s you this is normal for prednisone   makes you feel like a totally different person.  she said she had family members and friends   because of her behavior while in prednisone   often i hear of that but prednisone is changing   moods prednisone can change how you act   struggling with your behavior

While on prednisone   tell them to watch this video. say “hey, i know  that i’m not acting like myself and i want you to   know that it’s not me it’s the drug because that’s  100 true. i’m a doctor of pharmacy. i have board   certification i’ve been studying prednisone for  years now and it is not you it’s the drug and so  

I want you to know that you’re not alone. you’re  not the only one feeling like this that prednisone   saved mine and it’s saving this girl’s life   but it’s coming at such a huge cost. i’m just glad  to hear her doctor is taping her tapering her off   so that she doesn’t have to be on it anymore. um   this what else anybody

Other questions so   i just really want to reiterate that if you’re  taking prednisone it’s not you it’s the drug. and   over your life you are not alone. it affects   so much and it’s not just your health it’s your  personality and it’s your relationships and so   if you need help please reach out for it tell your 

Doctor what you’re suffering tell your doctor all   of your side effects. so they can get you the  help you need i have videos specifically men   for family members. if you get those um family  members who don’t understand to search what i   wish my family knew about prednisone and you’ll  come up with my video and you can show

It to them   to these effects are gone so basically how long  does it take is the golden million dollar question   and if i knew the answer. i would be a millionaire  every single person is different it has to do with   what you’re taking it for what your um baseline  health was before you started taking prednisone  

Your genetics because prednisone actually goes  in and changes the way your body reads your dna   how long you took it so all of those factors   how long each person is going to be suffering   but generally the higher the dose the longer term  the longer it takes to recover but there are some   people. i’ve talked to who have

Taken just one  dose and it has made them have severe anxiety   what other questions. laura mark marla i’d  love to hear what other questions you have   so i’m just sitting here in the emergency room  i’m not seeing any other questions but i hope you  saw my other live this morning that i did about   that the pfizer vaccine

Has been fda approved  and i think the name of it is really funny   chewing on a golf ball community is how you   say it i think the name is hilarious and mark i’m  so glad to hear you’re down five milligrams that   is awesome that means that there is hope on the  horizon for you you are getting there keep going  

Okay so if you are on princeton i am suggesting  you should go and get your third dose if you   got an mrna vaccine if you didn’t get mrna and you  got johnson johnson don’t worry about it right now   can’t get another dose yet so just if i were you  i’d go to the pharmacy right now and get your next   dose as long as it’s been

28 days since your last  one before there’s a rush for that third booster   there’s gonna be called a booster but yours will  be called an additional dose because you’re on   prednisone and you’re immunocompromised so that’s  what i would do if i were taking prednisone   and worried about being immunocompromised okay so 

Lara says thanks for this information i don’t have   those side effects oh lara you are so lucky i’m  so glad you don’t have those side effects that’s   another terrible consequence of prednisone but  not everybody gets it right and it’s worse at   higher doses so i’m glad you don’t get it all  right well i’m not seeing any other

Questions   i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist   prednisone but thrive while on prednisone.

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