February 1, 2023


Birthdays going on he’s got camping trips planned out and we’re also trying that we were saving up to buy something can’t see what it is yet but like that airport i hate going to the airport so i just kind of feel like in a lot of my the cars on the highway and then the birds chirping pretty much so it’s just up and now it’s 8 o’clock and we’re taking the dogies to the

I can’t say it because you guys have seen that like 50 times from us so i’ll be back i am many people stare at me like what is she back from the store and matt got home from helping his friend out and i have a more than i normally do and i think it’s you it’s supposed to like give you energy and i didn’t really feel it i feel like i am but i just feel like really hyper

Like my hands are shaking i could clean this whole house or run like ten miles so i’m trying to figure some of the coffee or so whatever stuff or like go outside and play with the dog i feel like i’m like high or something okay so i finally got a drone but it’s don’t really know how to use drones and i’m going to do it inside because i’m but i also hit the ceiling so i

Know oldfield oh oh oh guys going when i’ll be directing run postings oh really oh no i think i was wrong about and everything oh oh oh oh gosh it’s in the grass oh put it up up up up up chasing the job oh have fun dude no that’s one was that what ago tibet gone over we’re buying some tiki torches and that’s having an issue pushing the show on the front look at this this

Seems like a really like if you run into the doctor to let her know that i was like sorry i like i feel anxious right side effect to it or something i don’t know but she’s going to let me reduce it the manhole cover so anyways i’m hoping i’m going to try and i just i wait way too much energy i just i don’t ever want to take part in where you think the pressures on to take

A head call and just going to see if i ever taken prednisone as this reaction it’s not good i don’t like it so anyways picking up at the airport today there’s an airplane coming in i can’t even see so i just got the tickets to go pick them up and then we found out the planes another like 25 minutes no it’s like early speed walking to the airport but wood hey thank you sir

All right lucy sees the kids let’s see let her out she gracie got me a rizzoli envy our viewer dear headset matt likes it yeah so what something right i think it’s an avatar one well the rest of the day is going to going to just hang out and relax if you guys like this video please give me a don’t forget to subscribe i’ll watch you later peace

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Prednisone Made Me Go Crazy! 💙 I Am Kristin By I Am Kristin